It’s such a beautiful world

How often do you hear a song and it’s like a light bulb moment? A song that, in just over 3 minutes can sum up a few years of your life.

Tom Chaplin captures it all. He grasps what I’ve tried to say in countless blogs. In one bl00dy song, my 100,000+ words are just blown away. From ‘It’s such a beautiful world. So why do I feel so down?’ and ‘I’m flying out of control. Headlong into the ground. And all the people that love me. They never know if I’m up, down or round.’

Yes Tom, did we meet a few years ago?

Well Tom, thankfully you must have seen me again recently, as you say on my behalf ‘But it’s a beautiful world. Taking what I’ve got. Happy with my lot. Now I know that I am not hurting everyone I know. Here’s hoping that the signs are real. And tomorrow with a spring in my heel. Somewhere on the road of sadness lies a better deal.’

I know I’ve chopped up Tom Chaplin’s brilliant song ‘Hardened Heart’ to suit the start of the blog but, regardless of what life threw at me previously , ‘I know that my hardened heart is beating still’.

Road of sadness? Probably an extreme way of saying, wow, there’s been some challenges but we’re riding the waving.

And with that serenading, join me on my blue bench as I take another view from the ground. Welcome as we contemplate how precious every second is and cherish those moments that matter.

Another crazy few days. More time to reflect. It feels like we have been given 2020 as a year of reflection. There’s been times, I’m sure, we don’t like what we see. But perhaps that’s because we spend too long on focussing on the few blemishes rather than seeing what is good.

I know I talk a lot about making every second count. But, right now, in amongst everything that has happened this year, it feels like the most important mindset to have. But, it’s our choice, isn’t it?

On Thursday, I posted on Facebook “A 6km blast of walking on the hunt for some enthusiasm. I think it’s been located. Something to do with mindset. Accompanied by Lonely The Brave. A massively underrated band who can make me feel euphoric and then be reduced to rubble between a verse and a chorus. #everysecondcounts‘.

As with any Facebook post regarding a morning walk, it’s accompanied by some pictures from the walk. I capture what I see with the intention of sharing the beauty of what is around us. During #lockdown1 I had this as a daily mission. It was tough, being told you could only take outdoors exercise once a day. So, that walk was special. But, what I truly learned was to celebrate what was in front of me, rather than over dwelling on what we were being told we could or couldn’t do.

I’d take pictures of the same part of the walk – through a nearby park or the beautiful countryside – just from a different perceptive. Capturing that exact moment. Making that second count and then sharing that moment with anyone who dropped by on Facebook, or Instagram.

With #lockdown2 straddling autumn, the picture opportunities are not so regular but, still, the chance to breathe in the beauty around us remains.

I appreciate it’s really tough for so many people. I heard so many stories of things people have experienced or are experiencing and it is truly heartbreaking. It certainly pulls me up. I know I’ve had my own challenges over the last few years. But, in reality, taking what I’ve got – again, using Tom Chaplin’s words – I’m the luckiest person around. And that just makes me determined to help as much as I can when I listen to other people.

It can be too easy to wrap ourselves in our own world. 2020 has been tough. But, as I said early it has been a year to reflect. A year where we need to rip open the memory box, like a child tears into a present on Christmas Day morning. We need to find that treasure. Find a moment from the past that makes us smile and allow that memory to make the present (pardon the pun) feel so much better. Find a picture. Find a video. Find something that just brings you alive.

I love travelling through pictures on ICloud from the holidays, day trips, concerts, parties, concerts, meals out, concerts, selfies and, of course, concerts. We love our concerts in #TeamDurky.

I love lying in bed and just thinking about the good stuff. I also love lying in bed and looking at the gallery of pictures on the walls. Memories from Catalonia, Ibiza, Bordeaux, and many other holidays And, of course, I love lying in bed ………… full stop.

I guess I’m just trying to share some more thoughts of a grumpy old man who is trying hard to unleash an untapped into positivity.

Why do I resist releasing this positivity? Good question. I guess I’ve got a bit to go before I truly heal the wound that was ripped open by lies and betrayal. Don’t get me wrong, from a personal life perspective, I’m happier now than I’ve ever been. I am truly lucky. That journey will continue and will keep on going from strength to strength. However, one day, this positive spirit, which is waiting to explode like a trembling champagne cork, will allowed to flow. One day!

So to close, I think I’ve mentioned before I get a daily Thought For The Day. Some are a bit naff but I liked this one:-

‘Some rules of life ……………..1. Never quit 2. Always remember rule 1″.

Appropriate today and every day.

Take care. If you like this blog, there’s loads more on You can also check up on my #lockdown2 walks on Facebook and Instagram (as Jon Duke). There’s a new Instagram page soon to roll out – Every Second Counts 62. Just a few pictures.

Remember, it really is such a beautiful world.


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