The chair

Another blog devoted to being seated? Surely not! Well, plonk yourself down, cross legged on the floor if you can (I’ve got no chance, as 1) I’d look like a Buddha doll; and 2) I wouldn’t be able to get up again).

Having reflected on it being a beautiful world, I now find that the view from the chaired ground is a bit challenging. What a week, what a month, what a year. How could anyone predict what 2020 would bring?

Well, there are some who tell us that they have been preparing for this day for years. How they have learned to challenge their inner being to ascend the chaos that they leave behind. Hello, you’re still here you deluded fools!

There could be an argument that some had predicted the events of 2020 and, well, I’ll leave it there.

For most of us, this is unprecedented. Totally unprecedented.

So, we have to look at what we can do to centre ourselves and normalise the not so normal. Regularise the irregular. Almost focus on the day, rather than all of the white noise around us.

I think a challenge many of us have had this year has been to forget the good and to be distracted by the bad and the ugly. Sometimes it’s so much easier to think ‘this is absolutely rubbish’; ‘I’m sick of this’; ‘another day of not being able to do what I used to do’.

It’s funny, at #TeamDurky HQ, Gaby was saying how wonderful it was that she’d been to a MacDonalds to get her lunch. It felt like a treat. But, 12 months ago, for many, it was just the norm to grab a Maccy’s for lunch. Why? Because we could. It was easy. It was just there. Now? It’s a treat. In reality, for those who like a MacDonalds, it should always be a treat. Why? Because there are millions on our beautiful planet who don’t have the luxury of being able to afford one or they have never heard of the place.

But, it’s those little things that we took for granted that are now pure magic.

We could strip that right back and even look at going for a walk. In those days of distant memory, it was a walk. Just a walk. Now, it’s wow let’s get out and have a walk. Reality is having the ability to walk is a treat. It’s a blessing that we should always celebrate.

It’s difficult not to get wrapped up in the bad. COVID is horrible. I keep reading this nonsense about people questioning whether COVID really exists. My recommendation is that those who are trotting out their ill advised stupidity should contract the virus and then let us know whether it’s true or not.

It’s bad at times. For some, it’s bad a lot of the time and we should always try and be there for those who are really struggling.

As for the ugly. Speaking from a U.K. perspective, it’s hard not to get wound up with some of the speeches from our government leaders and ministers. No names necessary. I’m not going to go all political, I’ll leave that to my rants on Facebook. However, mixed messages are difficult for the mental health of population. I truly wish those in positions of power recognised the risk we have around mental health and the long term damage that will remain long after COVID has been vaccinated away (of sorts).

So, the good is what is so important to grasp hold of with all the strength we have. And every day, it’s important to focus on that good that we have. If we can create good, even better.

One of the joys I share with Aud to looking through photos from those heady days of travelling, or from concerts, or from walks, or parties, or time with friends, or, or, or ………

Enjoying those memories.

Even reflecting on 2020, when it feels like it’s been the year to forget. Actually, that’s no necessarily the case. Yes, holidays cancelled; concerts and festivals cancelled until next year (we hope); birthdays not celebrated with a meal; family and friends not seen. But, also yes – mini breaks experienced, concerts at the start of the year still happened, meals out when the opportunities arose and, most importantly, good health enjoyed.

From a health perspective, if we’ve got it, let’s be damned grateful. Too many people are not that lucky. Let’s not take it for granted.

There’s a lot to enjoy in this new normal. Yes, we all want the old normal back. But, what ever normal looks like in the future no one can really know. So, the new normal is here for us to grasp, elbow bump (because we can’t hug it), and to celebrate.

Let’s walk, talk, run, have fun, smile, go the extra mile, and be happy.

And, as I sit in my chair. My chair is ‘the chair’. It’s where I can reflect every day on what was, what is, and what will be. It’s always been my chair. I guess it’s my was, is, and will be. Its my safe place and it’s my normal, regular, view from the ground. And it always will be.

We all have our chair. What we see, or how we want to see it, is our choice to make. Let’s make the right choice. I like what I see (which, right now, is the Christmas lights we’ve just put in the tree outside the house).

Take care.


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