Creating a seismic tremor

Having very great and usually damaging effects. Imagine that. Just think about creating something that significant. It sounds quite negative but, let’s not go into negative mode. No, let’s make today the start of a seismic tremor inside us that propels us forward in a much more positive way.

Welcome to another view from the ground. A view from my blue bench, surrounded by autumnal leaves. A view into the yellows and golds of the trees surrounding me. The smell from the damp air, and the feels of the cold that invigorates the mind and the spirit. The sound of the breeze rustling the crisp leaves on the ground, and the anticipation of the taste of a glorious mug of Yorkshire Gold tea when I arrive back at #TeamDurky HQ. If you’ve not had Taylor’s finest Yorkshire Gold, you’re missing a seismic tremor of a tea.

It’s funny, I woke up this morning with that dull thud of the work I need to do. It’s Sunday but needs must and all that. But, as I lie here, staring out into another misty morning, it’s all good. Ringo (our wonderful dog) is sprawled on the floor, recovering from a 4th night of hiding, terrified, under a chair because of another night of fireworks. I love fireworks but, come on people, try and remember the horrendous effects the noise has on animals. In the U.K., bonfire night is 5 November not every freaking night that surrounds it.

Anyway, Ringo being with me is great. As is Zeekee (cute cat), who is lying on the bed, chilling and encouraging me to stay here a while longer.

So, why is it good? Well, good question and the question back is, why shouldn’t it be good? If you read the last blog, Every Second Counts, that’s what I’m trying to do and would recommend we all try. Sure, there’s a lot of things that could bring us down. I know there are many people living through a hell at the moment, so I know it’s so tough for them. However, those of us who’s difficulties are surmountable, have the chance to turn around the thinking and grasp the opportunity to make a potentially naff day a good one.

Now, can can hear the seismic tremor of the trample of feet from those who know me well to see if I’ve banged my head. No, that was Aud (beautiful partner) falling down the stairs. Yes, she really is the chaos in my life. Thank you, I really mean that x.

However, I’m trying to grasp the thinking that you wake up every day with the chance to make as much of it a good one as possible. There’s alway aspects of it that can pull you back. But, I really want to focus on the parts of the day that you can make good. The many parts of the week which are there just to enjoy. A walk, a talk, a meal around the table, some TV, a glass of whisky, a cup of tea, a hug, and the list goes on. But, how much of that list have we taken for granted?

To wake up! Now there’s something that we take for granted but shouldn’t. To roll out of bed, and start that day afresh. I feels like it’s time to remember the really basic things and start appreciating just how lucky we are. To get out of bed, to have that cup of tea, to take that autumnal walk and return for another cup of tea. And, then the day starts. For those of us lucky enough to have a job, to crack on through the day.

To speak to loved ones – and to see them when they’re with you.

And, to take a run. Yes, take a run. Again, those who know me know, at best, I’m a chunky monkey. At worse, fat! However, a few weeks ago Ben (handsome son) suggested we started the Couch to 5K running initiative and, here we are, 5th week of running and enjoying our achievement to date. However, a word of warning to those who live in North Leeds, that seismic tremor referred to in the blog title is just me thumping my feet down as we continue on our drive to fitness (and, in my case, not fatness).

And, that the thing. I hope we can all grab at the opportunity or opportunities to make every day, or at least most, a good day. No, let’s make them great days. There’s so much that we can enjoy, even during lockdown.

I know it’s tough, and we all have our own levels on how tough it is. But, I’m determined to make every second count whilst I’m lucky enough to have the seconds to count. I know, I’m one of the lucky ones.

And with that, I’ll close. A bizarre blog? Probably but stuff I wanted to share. In these difficult days I hope we can all find and enjoy some happiness.

For me, in the right hear and now, that happiness will be a quick walk with Ringo and then a FaceTime breakfast with Aud – poached eggs on reindeer crumpets and a strong black coffee (reminiscent of those that we enjoy on our early morning walks in Catalonia).

Take care.


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