Love to feel the fresh air of the springtime

“If you’ve never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom.” — Audra Foveo

Waking to another day in lockdown. The sun starting to glint through the window. Opening the window, to feel the freshness of an early spring morning. Silence, apart from the pacing of Ringo (dog) wanting his daily walk, the scattering of Zeekee (cat), and the bird song through the open window. A solitary mug of coffee. A sense of ‘here we go again’.

But an overall feeling of gratitude. Picking through the above paragraph: –

1. Waking – feeling well.

2. Sun – welcome back old friend.

3. Silence – no cars screaming down the nearby road, as the drivers hurry through life (it could be any of us).

4. Spring – such a glorious season of new life, freshness and hope. Yes, even in those worrying days, we must always keep hope.

5. Ringo and Zeekee – such beautiful creatures. A real distraction.

6. Open window – with improved weather we get chance to you lay like broccoli and enjoy the sound of the birds.

7. Coffee – a weekend treat.

8. Here we go again – thankfully!

So, how do you feel about the day? Have you looked at the news? Yes, it’s not good. Loads of facts mixed with opinion. Reality is that we are living through something none of us could have imagined 4 months ago.

A lot of us are living apart from loved ones. The previous blog – Missing You – was very much about the emotions we are exposed to, and a week later they continue and, from a personal viewpoint, they only get more acute.

However, as we live this stripped back existence I see reasons to be cheerful.

I can only speak from a personal perspective and we will all be dealing with this lockdown in our own way. I nearly referred to it as ‘isolated ‘. But that feels wrong. At the moment, we are allowed a daily dose of exercise.

I am worried that the chance to exercise might be removed as there are some who see the sunshine and think that’s their ticket to jump in the car and head to the coast. Social distancing gets forgotten about and, in the UK, the already overwhelmed NHS risks collapsing under the weight of these people. I might be over worrying.

In the here and now, I’m trying to focus on what is available to me, rather than being overly sad about what I can’t, temporarily, do.

The ability to have an early morning walk, with Ringo, has been an absolute joy. I’ve always taken him out at the start of the day. Usually a quick 1 mile blast round the block, and then in the car to get to work.

Now, an awesome 2 1/2 to 3 mile walk to and then round the local park.

Spring is probably my favourite season of the year. New life literally springing up around us. But, how many of us – usually – love it from a far and at speed as we rush around. We see the beauty of Spring through the car windscreen. We glance at lambs jumping around the fields. We blink as tree start to fill, and the fields start to change. We say we love this newness, but do we feel it?

With lockdown though comes a chance to embrace the opportunity to literally feel the new life rising right in front of us.

We can stop and admire the beauty around us. We can watch sheep protecting their lambs. We can smell the freshness in the air. We can feel that freshness and just take a moment to just be at peace.

In reality, we have always being able to do this but we have allowed ourselves to be overcome by the manic need to get to places as fast as we can. We get into that space where we believe that we have to do everything at such a speed we stop seeing what is right in front of our noses.

Or, is it just me? Have I allowed myself to spend so long not seeing; not feeling; not breathing it all in; not hearing; and ultimately to tasting life? Is it just me? I don’t know.

But it feels like this current time is chance to reacquaint with nature and just step back will we can. Once we are released back into what we describe as normality, we can decide whether what we’ve learned during lockdown comes with us into what will be new normality.

Ultimately, it’s our choice.

It’s tough going, there’s no doubt. But, really, for most of us it’s just adapting. For those directly affected by the Corona Virus, that’s tough. My heart goes to them. For the workers who are providing essential services, that’s tough. The NHS workers, they have it really tough. My heartfelt gratitude goes to all who are helping us.

So, let’s enjoy the spring. Let’s love to feel the fresh air in the springtime. Be that in an allowed walk or in our back garden.

And with that, take care. As always, the opinions and thoughts within this blog are those of the writer.

Stay safe.


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