It’s the hope that keeps you going

It’s strange how out of adversity it feels like there is unity across the globe. Unity borne out of challenging times. Unity borne out of sadness. Unity borne to bring a belief of ‘we will conquer’.

It’s strange how I try and think about a title for a blog. I’m sure it doesn’t look like I give the titles much thought, but I do. And, then from a conversation with the ever wonderful Ben (best son in the world), he says ‘it’s the hope that keeps you going’. There it is, because never a truer statement could be spoken.

And, here we are continuing through lockdown. Around the globe, at different stages of lockdown, but it’s so real. So unbelievably surreal. I remember, my view from the round ……. the table at Christmas – be that the scene before me during dinner or evening festivities. Fun, laughter, smiles, hope. Not an idea as to what was to come. Even then, it was the hope that kept us going.

Hope that 2020 would be the best year yet. I always have a thing about the year, and my age being an even number. Not a superstition thing, just something that’s there. Ben (wonderful son, see above) and Liv (wonderful daughter) were born in even years. Thinking about it, Aud (wonderful partner) was born in an even year, as was Gaby (wonderful partner of wonderful son – see above). Thinking more, Eilidh and Liam (wonderful daughter and wonderful son of wonderful partner – see slightly above) were born in even years. And a final thought, my now defunct marriage started in an odd year. I have nothing to say 😀😀😀.

Just a ‘don’t take it too seriously’ notice: the above is a bit of fun and not meant to cause offence. Of course, so many wonderful people were born in an odd year – sorry, odd numbered year. And some wonderful events happened in an odd numbered year. I hope that provides suitable reassurance.

But, to get back on track, I went into 2020 hoping it would be the best year yet.

Clearly, in the UK, we still had Brexit hanging over us. Not the best start really given the division this caused. I’ll avoid opinion here.

And then, storm after storm battered us and really got 2020 off to a really damp start. But, it was the hope that kept us going as we tried to look into the horizon as spring was just ahead. However ………

And, as they say, the rest is history. The lockdown legacy commences. Legacy? Well, that the interesting thing. I see this period that we are living through will very much present to many of us a legacy that we take with us through the rest of our lives.

I know I’ve already reflected in recent blogs on the various emotions that the lockdown has triggered – be that missing loved ones through to revelling in the glorious smells that spring brings.

Listening to the news, true sadness and sympathy is felt towards those who have lost loved ones to this dreadful virus, and to those who are ill to the virus.

So, for those of us whose worse experience in this current situation is to have to stay at home, we really can look to make life as good as we can, within those restrictions. Life really is what you make it.

I guess I’m becoming obsessed about making the most of our situation rather than getting overly emotional about missing those who I can’t see – for now.

I get a bit of criticism for expressing opinion within the blogs. But, surely it’s wrong that people keep breaking the guidelines as laid out by the government regarding un-necessary. I rad a piece about a family who travelled 200 miles overnight from London to Devon ………. to go fishing. Unbelievable stupidity. I won’t comment about fishing 😀.

But, it really does feel like a time to grasp those opportunities to stamp back, slow down and just be. To just look. I’ve become obsessed about the cherry blossom tree at the front of our home. It’s always been there. I’ve always loved it and I’ve always looked forward to watching it bloom. But, it has always felt that within a blink the blossom is being blown off the tree and scattered across the ground. I remember last year, just looking at the blossom less tree and wondering how that had happened.

So, this year, I am revelling in watching the blossom grow each day. Celebrating the beauty of it, and noticing some white blossom from another tree intermingling with the pink to create a beautiful tapestry.

On the daily walks, it’s a joy to watch bare trees taking on a green haze as the leaves start to spring to life.

When walking along the main road near our home, the relative quiet due to the lack of traffic is remarkable.

I’ve always loved to hear the roar of planes thrusting into the early morning sky from the local airport. Always dreaming about being on one of those planes. Thinking about a future holiday – because it is the hope that keeps you going – or remembering a flight and allowing those feelings of excitement to re-enter my mind. But, funnily, the early morning bird song is so much more pleasing.

And, then there’s meal time. So often a functional time during the week. You get home; you cook; you eat. Done.

Now – as with everything we do when we are lucky enough to have someone to interact with, it’s a chance to talk …….and talk and talk.

It’s making the most of everything we have as we also look ahead to being reunited with those that we miss so much. But, let us never forget the journey we have been on and ensure those learnings stay with us – for life.

So, yes, it is the hope that keeps you going. But let’s not forget, hope isn’t all that we’ve got. We’ve got today.

Enjoy today, and hope that we can beat horrendous virus. Hope that we really unite. It is that hope that keeps me going.

Stay safe.


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