Life’s what you make it – verse 2 – go on, open the door

Hurtling into this new decade and already thinking “WTF?”. So many of us are. So many of us wondering what the hell is going on. Many of us wonder too much.

Welcome to the room with 2 doors. The room? It’s just a room. It’s a room you have just woken up in. It’s your choice which door to go through.

The doors are identical. Made of fashioned mid-brown oak, with that beautiful smell of freshly applied varnish. They are heavy, grand looking doors. The kind of doors it takes time to take in just how grand they are.

Ornate handles adorn the doors and each door will omit that gentle squeak when opened, as you are welcomed through, to look only forwards to see the choice you have made, not looking back. Remember, you have just woken.

Whatever the choice, you cannot look back. You can only be embraced the choice you made.

What do you do as you stand in the empty room with 2 doors? You only get one chance, one choice. The decision is yours and only yours.

The room you’ve woken in is bright, the walls are white. It’s light. There are no pictures. It’s just a room. It could be any room, but at that moment it’s your room. You have a decision to make. You have to move forward from where you are standing. In fact, you might even be sitting or, as you have woken in the room, lying. You have to choose a door.

Welcome to A View From The Ground blog 2 of 2020, as we move to the 2nd verse of Life’s What You Make It. The choice is yours. Choose you door. It’s time to make that move.

Confused or intrigued? In reality, it’s not confusing in that every morning when we are lucky enough to wake up, we have to choose which door to open to create our day and our attitude to the day. For some there may be more than 2 doors, but for most it’s 2 doors.

Now, close your eyes and think about when you woke up this morning and imagine that you had the choice of 2 doors? Think about what those doors looked like. Think about the design. Think about what they were made of. Take time to really picture the doors.

Was it a vintage oak door, or a plain, plywood door? Does your imagine include that lovely varnish smell, does it conjure a feeling of wanting to just admire the door, to touch the surface? Or is it just a plain door, a functional door that you just want to open?

Keep your eyes closed as you imagine opening the door. Do you feel excited in anticipation of what is beyond the door? Are you picturing what it could be? Could it be the best thing ever?

Or, are you just thinking – l just want to open the bl00dy door so I can get out of this room, and why has it taken over 500 words to the point of opening the damned imaginary door??

Okay, go on, open the door. Your door. The door that you have chosen.

What you you see? What do you smell? What do you hear? What do you feel? What do you, will you, taste?

As I’m sure you have guessed, all of these things are your choice. Life’s what you make it.

How we deal with life, how we deal with the day ahead, is dictated – in the main – by our choice of which door we open when we wake up.

Do we choose the door which leads us to a day of our own creation? A day of fulfilment. A day of enjoying those special moments. A day which includes laughter. Of course, the day can involve challenges but we have a choice as to whether those challenges spoil our day or are just taken as part of life’s rich tapestry.

Or have we chosen the door which is the easiest to open? The door which looks like every other door? The door that we just go for because that’s just the way it is. When I say ‘we’ I include ‘me’ in there.

It’s easy isn’t it? Let’s go through the door. It’s just another day. The weather is naff. The dog needs walking in the naff weather. The traffic will be rubbish. Even if it isn’t rubbish, it will be. Work? (Note to any work colleagues reading this, I love my job. Great company, great people – so this please bear with me). Another day at work. Another day of a naff sandwich at work. And then, another drive home in naff weather in naff traffic. Get home, feed the cat and dog. Feed yourself. Walk the dog. Watch naff TV. Have a bath, or shower – if only the naff shower would work. Go to bed. Struggle to sleep. Get woken by the alarm and lay there wondering where those 2 bl00dy doors in your room have come from.

It’s about making the right choices isn’t it? The easy choice is to drudge through another day, or whether to bravely go into a day you can create.

I can think of both types of people and I know my natural leaning is not the way I want to be. It’s easy to go for default. But then I think of people I know who are a force of nature. One person, I don’t think sleeps and only has one door and that door leads through to a day of self creation. A day that will be fantastic. A day that allows for constant positive energy to flow, regardless of what obstacles are thrown in the way. A real role model.

Now, as a Yorkshire man, perhaps that kind of change would be a step too far. However, there are 2 doors.

Just think if the vintage oak door was the door of choice. It’s raining outside. Invigorating walk ahead with Ringo. A bit of traffic on the way to work. More time to listen to music and chat to my beautiful partner, all 4 foot 11 inches of her. Be grateful for the working day ahead and for the food you are able to eat. But opt for a salad not a sandwich. Drive home, same as the morning drive. Feed Ringo, Zeekee, and who ever happens to be at home with the food that we are all lucky to have. Walk Ringo, enjoying the surroundings, and then plonk in front of the TV to relax and watch whatever is on. How great is it to have 4,441 channels to choose from? A beautiful bath and back to bed.

Now, just think. If we could programme (yes, that’s how it’s spelt!!) ourselves to choice this door, within no time, there will only be 1 door to go through, the other will be removed overnight.

In essence, life is what you make it. It’s up to us. Programme that mindset of ‘it’s MY life’. Before tomorrow starts, let’s deal with today. Go on, open the door.


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