Life’s what you make it – verse 3 – Take the lead (off)

Just imagine. Every time you went for a walk, someone fastened a collar around your neck and clipped a lead to it. You stand, nose pressed to the door, because you want to go out but, to be fair, you’re wondering where the hell the lead came from. The collar? Well, let’s not talk about that. It was just there, okay. Why is it studded? Leave it!

Just imagine. You have a lead on but all you want to do is take the lead, not that lead, I mean to lead the way. But the lead attached to your studded collar stops you taking the lead.

Just imagine, all the people, living life in peace. Sorry, I went off there. I took the lead with another song. It will be a theme this year. Something to watch out for. Watch out for any secret messages.

The door is locked. Go on, open the door. Open the right door, and we’re ready for a walk. Through the door? Have a read of Life’s What you make it – verse 2. It will all become apparent.

Another bizarre opening to another blog.

What’s your view from the ground, right here right now? Mine? Thank you for asking and welcome to my View From The Ground.

It’s a cold night right now. Probably, by the time I finish the blog, it will a mild, sunny afternoon. But, just now it’s that kind of damp cold that gets into your bones. Or is that because I’m getting old(er)?

I’m grateful for the cold, damp weather right now. Now, that’s a change – I usually curse the weather in the U.K.- but reading the horror stories from Australia, yes, I’m grateful for the cold and damp.

Leaving the house whilst the veil of the night is wrestling with a grim morning, it’s hard to feel anything but gloom but, as the car radio tells its tales of fires raging across an area the equivalent of a good chuck of England, it’s hard not to be grateful for the greyness of the early hours.

So, I’m making sure my View From The Ground is a grateful one. Alive and kicking and ready to let the day begin.

The morning always starts with a walk with Ringo. I’m always amazed by his shear excitement for his morning walk. His look of absolute anticipation as I sit glumly on the settee arguing with shoe laces. As Ringo sidewalks passed with another toy I mumble unexcited words of ‘not another toy’ as another toy drops at my feet.

He loves his walk, Brewdog collar, not studded, lead attached. Off he goes, but he’s at his happiest when the lead is unclipped and off he scarpers in a whirl of energy. But, wouldn’t we all. Just imagine.

But if you take the idea of allowing life to attach a great big lead to your collar and then let it drag you around, does that sound like how things can feel sometimes? No control over your direction? No chance to let go and run. To run Forrest run. Something just keeps pulling us back. Or, more a case, someone is stopping you from that big step forward. Someone, holding you from just unleashing yourself into that brave direction you want to go in. One step forward, two steps yanked back.

Breathless with frustration, who is it that is holding you back? Who is taking your lead? Or more the case, who is stopping you taking the lead?

In reality, there is only one person. It’s you! Or, in my case, it’s me.

Now, there’s a thought and a bit of a mind mess. You are holding your lead, stopping you from taking the lead whilst leading you in a different direction. But, think about it. Surely it’s safer for you to hold your lead and pull you down the path of least resistance. To walk you safely from the front door, down that familiar path, where it’s oh so safe. It’s oh so quiet. And, before it your back. The back door this time – as it were. Once your back inside, the lead is taken off. However, why is the studded collar left on? Let’s move on.

I hope you get my meaning. But, life really is what you make it. Today could be your day. Today could be the day to take the lead off. To go through the door of adventure. The door of possibilities. To walk, to run. Bollocks. To skip, yes, skip. If that’s what you want. I’ll give the skipping a miss as I’ll look like an ungainly elephant from a Walt Disney movie. I’ll walk. But, I will walk. Free from those restraints.

It’s time for us all to take that lead off. It’s time to live life. Let’s face it, there are enough challenges in life. Enough things to make us feel restricted. So, why add to that by restricting ourselves. Just think what could be achieved if we all just unleashed ourselves. Now, I accept I’ve used Ringo as an analogy here. But I’m not suggesting that we unleash ourselves like a pack of dogs having their leads taken off. Oh no! That amount of unleashed ‘activity’ could be a little too much.

However, let’s be brave. Let’s stop doing the predictable. Obviously, all within reason. Let’s not go too crazy. But, life is short. It’s too short to restrain yourself. Most of us work, and we work hard. That, of course, includes education. Most of those who don’t work, exert a lot of energy looking for work. So, when we’ve got free time, let’s be free. Truly free. I’m just stay.

Of course, every word of this and all View From The Ground blogs are mine. It’s just my way of looking at life and of trying to find that light. The light outside. The light to guide us. So, in my humble opinion, life’s what you make it, so go on, open that door, take the lead – off, and lead yourself into the awesome life you deserve.



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