Life’s what you make it – 1st verse – what’s my age again?

Two song titles in one blog title. It’s the start of a decade and I feel fine. A play on another song title? What! That’s another one but let’s move on and let it be. Stop!!

Welcome, welcome to a new blog series from a View From The Ground. A new decade. A new start. A new, I’d like to think, positive spin on life as I see it. When I say positive, bear with me as I flip through some things that may touch on a sensitive nerve every now and again. But I hope you enjoy my look at life as I get ready to take another step closer to another significant birthday (a couple of years away yet but one that some serious preparation will be required).

Life is definitely what you make it. Let’s face it, we control our own destiny. We just don’t always recognise that we do. We allow something to control what we are doing or where we are going. It’s all in our mind. Does that make sense?

Let’s have a look. It’s obvious really. We worry about our family, our health, finance, employment, having somewhere to live, food, transport, clothes to wear, do I look fat in that – our in my case, what will make me look less fat, the weather, what do people think of me, why hasn’t someone significant to you made contact recently, when will the next series of Peaky Blinders be on, and so on.

We let important and not really important things control what we make of life. But, are we letting these things control us to the extend when we’re breathing our last breath thinking, what’s my age again?

Ultimately, we’re awake for about 17 hours a day. Or, as is my case 17 hours out of bed and another 2 hours in bed. What we do with that time is of our making, even the more worrying stuff.

Now, as is known, I’m a recovering misery. It’s funny when I reflect on the concept of being a recovering misery because, in reality, there are aspects of my personality that just portray me as being miserable. I’d actually call it more grumpy than miserable. Am I grumpy? Of course I am am! I get out of bed naturally grumpy. I’m grumpy about those people who can get out of bed not grumpy.

I’ll tell you one thing that makes me grumpy – spell check. Spell check? Spill cheque my aR53.

But I’m not miserable. No, I’m lucky. #TeamDurky make me feel incredibly lucky. Getting out of bed is a mind mess. Monday to Friday I’m out of bed at about 5.30am so that equates to grumpy. That I can get out of bed at all equates to lucky. Mind mess but life’s what you make it so you have to feel lucky. Surely?

I know when we start a new year people make resolutions which usual last days. However, I would have thought it better to have daily objectives. Create a situation where you commit to yourself to make the most of the day, even if it’s a day when you know the core part of it will be a sh!t storm of graft. If that’s the case, set an objective to do something good at the end of the day. Think of it as it being things that make you go hmmm. Look, another song title.

And, then there’s the things that make you laugh. Things that allow you to realise that inner child. Or things that just are plain daft. I’m lucky, it’s a requirement in #TeamDurky to be daft. There are days when I wonder if I need to grow up. Then, I think what’s my age again as I run down the road having grabbed the hat from Aud’s head.

We should all embrace the chance to be young again.

As many will know, I’m a keen Leeds Rhinos supporter. We have an awesome Tongan player, Conrad Hurrell. Every time you see him, he’s smiling. He posts videos of him leaping out on people, they walk away in shock whilst he collapses laughing. It’s brilliant to watch and fantastic to hear this big unit of a man laughing uncontrollably. Surely that is how we should all lead our lives.

What’s my age again? I don’t care. Most of the time.

I think we should make 2020 the year to let loose that concept of being ageless. Of being ourselves. Of taking control and truly believing that life is what you make it. Live for today, believing it’s my life, and when someone needs us then be there to talk talk.

The above paragraph is a heartfelt message whilst maintaining the theme in this blog of throwing in song titles.

And with that, I’ll close the first blog of the year and the decade. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and likes the new subject for 2020. I’m moving onwards and upwards. What’s being was yesterday. It’s time to let it be. I still dream of doing the book, of being a paperback writer. Until then we should all come together and treat this as a day in the life. A day in our life.

See you again.


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