Ice cream, double cream, sun cream, #CreamDuke


“Sun is shinin’ in the sky. There ain’t a cloud in sight. It’s stopped rainin’ everybody’s in a play. And don’t you know.It’s a beautiful new day, hey hey” – Jeff Lynne

Hey hey indeed and welcome to a quote free start to another View From The Ground. I like a good song and Mr. Blue Sky is one of my favourites. I can’t help but smile because it, bizarrely, makes me think of sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. And, from a spiritual and overall emotional perspective, that sums up this year – sunny.

It’s been a funny old few weeks. I’ve felt a rush of words, thus why so many blogs. I’m grateful for the feedback I receive – what ever the shape of the feedback. It’s nice to know they are having an impact.

However, one particularly response I do want to address is concern raised relating to my emotional wellbeing – I think this is due to some references made to circumstances over the last few months, and the causes of those circumstances. I feel it important to reflect a little on past circumstances to afford the reader insight into the starting point for the #TeamDuke growth.

I am grateful for any concern but, rest assured, I have never been better. I think, sometimes, people read too much into words without understanding the writer’s perspective. I try to write with a smile, and sometimes that helps me to address difficult situations with a sense of dark humour, perhaps. So, thank you. #TeamDuke is on top form and very grateful for that. I am feeling incredibly happy. How couldn’t I be. If in doubt, there’s a few blogs to have a look at.

Finally, thank you to everyone who took time to read the last post – An open letter from Liv. The comments have been beautiful and we are very grateful for the support received.

Okay, on we go with the ramblings – and still not a quote quote in sight (I guess using some words from a song is a quote, but it isn’t a quote quote). This actually brings me on to a debate I am having with Audrey about toffee. Now, the immediate thought must be ‘that relationship ain’t going to last’. I accept my track record of late hasn’t been good with relationships and it does look like Audrey and I are travelling down different roads on this subject, and once you disagree about toffee, what next, potatoes (don’t get me started on potatoes!!!!!! (there he goes again with exclamation marks)), and ‘you really talk about toffee’ (don’t get me started about what else is there to talk about. YES I READ THE NEWS!!!!!!!!! (‘exclamation marks again and he’s shouting. He’s an emotional wreck’).

Yes, we talk about toffee. We talk about music. We talk about rugby league (Leeds Leeds Leeds (‘now he’s saying the same word 3 times!!!!!!!!!! And using more exclamation marks. He needs help. Now, quickly. Hey Jon, hold up the mirror. What do you see?’ I SEE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! (‘aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhj’)). We talk about our life together and our lives past, present, and future. We talk about our families. We talk about our friends. We talk about spirituality. We talk about ………….. I’m sure you get the picture.

But, at the moment we talk about toffee. Well, we talk about when does toffee become toffee toffee. According to Audrey, it’s when it’s not treacle toffee – i.e. not toffee toffee!!!!!! (exclamation marks justified). Surely, if it’s not treacle toffee it’s just toffee. Mmmm, now there’s a debate, call it ‘just toffee’. What about peanut toffee? What about rum flavoured toffee? This has even been debated around the table during a meal and I had to concede. So, now I will order toffee toffee in the shop. When I want a certain type of topping for my ice cream it will be ………………, yes, toffee toffee sauce.

Now, there’s a wonderful link to the title for this blast of words – ice cream. Ice cream? Yes, ice cream. That hidden pleasure from childhood which, when rediscovered, smashes you right in the face before you realise it. Actually, I think I’m referring to an altercation in a restaurant years ago when someone’s ice cream dish actually smashed them in the face.

Anyway, yes, ice cream, a pleasure that has been rediscovered of late, aided by the wonderful selection of flavours now on offer. Audrey is completely to blame for the recent growth of my already expanding waistline. Imagine, having being treated to a rather wonderful meal to be asked if I’m interested in some rhubarb and ginger ice cream? WHAT????????? Rhubarb AND ginger. Can life get any better? And, then I was asked if I wanted any cream on it. Not just cream, but DOUBLE CREAM (S T O P S H O U T I N G!!!!!!!!). The bliss was so good, I went into a state of denial and, as I was in denial and therefore didn’t believe I’d had it, I needed a second serving.

As many will recognise, sometimes in life after a high a low might follow. So, I’m sure you can guess my disappointment that we have not been able to find the rhubarb and ginger ice cream again. Was it a gift from another force as a reward for taking Ringo out for a walk? I don’t know, but I’m grateful for that moment.

However, as the life of #TeamDuke has shown, any low is short lived and a replacement taste sensation was discovered – strawberry and clotted cream ice cream with scone bits.OMG!!!!!!!(!!!!!!!). So, there we are – said ice cream, with double cream and, yes and my friend, toffee toffee sauce. Try it and then try and tell me I’m wrong.

Ice cream of course is a perfect treat on a day when the sun is shining in the sky, and there isn’t a cloud in sight. You know what I mean, when it’s stopped raining everybody’s in a play. As well you know, it’s a beautiful new day. Hey hey indeed.

Since 2003 Ben and I have been going to the Leeds Festival – probably the best music festival in the world. We share this glory with our sister site, Reading (😀). It’s 3 days of music magic. It’s always been just me and Ben but, in the world of #TeamDuke, we were delighted to share it with Audrey and her wonderful daughter and son, Gaby (welcome to our awesome world), Phil (brother-in-law) and Michael (nephew). Oh, and 90,000 others.

The norm for the Leeds Festival is the quagmire of mud created by the customary rain. Clarty as Susan would call it.

Not this year. We were blessed (definition of ‘blessed’ for this blog is lucky mingled with a dash of gratitude, kissed with a rush of joy!!!!!) with sunshine and dry fields. So sunny, that a covering of sun cream was needed to protect my extremely large forehead. Wonderful music, awesome company, beautiful weather. What more could I ask for? Rhubarb and ginger ice cream, with double cream and toffee toffee sauce.

With all of that, maybe we should become #CreamDuke. Or maybe even #TeamCreamDukeToffeeToffee.

I’ll close the blog on that thought. It’s good to feel happy. In fact, I might have an ice cream.

Take care,




One thought on “Ice cream, double cream, sun cream, #CreamDuke

  1. Love your positivity Jon, love reading your blogs as I find them thought provoking.
    Will keep my eyes peeled for rhubarb and ginger ice cream sounds delicious.
    Curiosity got the better of me and I had to look for the FB posting and subsequent responses!!!!!!!!!! All I can say is each to their own but I’m glad I’m not in that journey!!!!
    Much love to Team Duke ….. your amazing xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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