Eye go here, egos there



“To see the world through the eyes of a dog is the greatest awakening I have experienced. To see, to truly see. To hear, to truly hear. To smell, truly smell. Imagine. Now, do it.” – Jon Duke

When is a quote a quote? Can a quote written by the author of the blog actually be a quote? Or is it a quote quote? Now, there’s a debate but to understand what the hell I’m on about, you need to read the last blog – ice cream, double cream, sun scream, #CreamDuke.

As usual with my word trotting, I said start with the title and then plot a map of mayhem to arrive at a point where I actually arrive at what I’m supposed to be exploring.

But, I’m going free form with this blog and I intend to start with where my eyes have gone. And no dear predictable friend, not towards an attractive lady. How very dare you!!!!!!!! I am very happily happy the very wonderful Audrey. I accept, whilst I sit here on the train back home, I would love to be in a carriage full of lovely ladies. Nowt wrong with that.

However, from where I sit, there is an elderly couple. Probably just been on holiday somewhere in the UK. Probably married for 40 – 50 years. Definitely as much in love now as they were when they got married. Lovely little glances. Little jokes. And now he’s been to get her a cardigan as she’s cold. No, I’m not stalking. I’m just revelling in observing love. Beautiful!

Sometimes it’s good to let your eye(s) go for a walk around. It helps to see the wonderment of love. When we have it, it’s the greatest feeling.

So, welcome on board the view from the grounded love train (😀). Thanks again for taking time out to read my blogs. I was chatting about how writing the blogs are therapeutic, cathartic and a great release. My dream remains true hat if publishing these blogs help one person, I am a very happy man. Of course, if I can help more through sharing the world of #TeamDuke, I am a very happy and proud man.

When I tell people that I intend to publish a book, I don’t know who is more doubtful, them or me (😀). Those who know me well, may remember I started a book 2 years ago. Title – Round The Bend or Turning The Corner. 60,000 words from blogs are I’d already published. All rewritten, and with a very personal opening chapter. But, clearly I held off for a good reason. There went my pension ………. Not!

So, the current work of art will come to fruition – You Can Call Me Dum, But Don’t Call Me Dumb.

As for a fictional piece I’ve started, let’s see how that works out. A dark comedy, which, if the 6 degrees of separation worked in my favour, could be a musical as the key character ………….. No, let’s see if I get chance to develop my thinking.

You could say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one once said a wonderfully talented scouser. It’s good to dream. I find it gives me something to aim towards. My dream at the start of the year was that 2017 would be awesome. So far, so good in duffus world of #DreamDuke (notice that clever play on words!).

To be fair, I also dreamt the blogs would help and inspire others to feel the love and gain hope in their own worlds. So far, so good. My next dream is for the blogs to reach out and touch the hearts and lives of thousands (what do you think? 144,000? No, let’s go for 11,110,000).

As I’ve written before, I love the idea of seeing the world through the eyes of our beautiful dog, Ringo. He sees nothing but an opportunity to give and feel the love. The times recently when I’ve worked home, and, let’s say go a tad frustrated. The next thing I know is his head is resting on my leg with that look of ‘oh Jon, I love you’.

Wouldn’t it be great to see everything from a state of love? Impossible? Nooooo. Everything is possible but, I have to admit, it’s going to be one heck of a journey to get there. A few things to work on are road rage, shopping trolley rage, queue rage, referee rage, rage rage. Basically, rage. But, it’s a worthwhile journey and wouldn’t it be good if it is a journey we could all embark on. Not in a weird, let’s form a cult (spellchecked). Not in a happy clapper state. But, in a state of seeing good. And actually looking for the good to see and not letting ego take over.

Ego? What is ego? Some people might think I’ve got a big ……. ego because I take selfie pretty much every day. Nooooo. That’s not ego. It’s self deprecating fun. Look at me? Over weight, under haired, over chinned, under intellectual but overly happy. So, why not put a daft picture on Facebook.

Ego? There are dictionary definitions but I’ll let you decide as you see people and life around you.

I do worry about ego in the world today. Do people do things for the betterment of others or to satisfy their own state of ego. Think world leaders, right now. Think business and financial leaders. But, I won’t let ego dictate that I dictate to you.

All I ask is that we leave our egos at the door and see and share the wonders of the eye – as if been seen by Ringo, or who ever your dog is. I’m going to keep on trying.

I hope you have enjoyed this journey from the train carriage of live.

I truly hope that the world of #TeamDuke can inspire you to step back, look at what you have, and look at what there is around you. It’s a kind of magic.



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