Mindful of the power of love

View from the ground


Welcome to the latest view from the ground. As we march through summer I, like many others, long for sunshine to fill our bodies with warmth. Warm weather is definitely good for the soul.

As I have discussed in many blogs, the world is a changing place and the pressures that people experience can feel very heavy. Around the world, different pressures are experienced and every time I look at the news there is another crisis, or atrocity around the world impacting on innocent people.

Every individual has their own challenges to address and those challenges to that individual will feel, at times, insurmountable. There are different levels of challenge.

A family in Syria watching their city being destroyed face a cataclysmic challenge of an unthinkable scale. But then, look at what’s happening at every corner of the world. Dreadful. Our leaders seem incapable of curing the poison that courses through the veins of the world. It could be questioned where that poison originated. In reality, only an uprising of the masses on a scale never seen before will shake the apathy and greed of those that control the world. That IS the only chance we have.

I can only write about what I see and feel and to try and appeal to right minded people to gather to do something real, as a united force. We can make our voices heard, but only if multiple thousands shout out with one voiceBut, that is on a global level.

What about those suffering on an individual level. A person waking up in the morning dreading getting out of bed to go to a job that makes them feel difficult levels of stress has their own challenge to cope with. A person living in poverty, living on the streets, or just living on their own – feeling empty. At times, it’s a bloody challenging place to be.

But again, on an individual and on a collective basis, we can lift those and every person to a better place of self worth. Lift them off the ground, on to their feet. The answer? Love! Am I going soppy? No. Well, yes. No! I guess I’m trying to reach out and open awareness at maybe something I have had to open my eyes to.

Sometimes, we don’t realise the importance of reaching out to someone. We don’t appreciate that just through a simple act of talking to someone and, more importantly, listening to them, that simple act could just be the hand they need to lift them off the ground.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a very powerful view from the ground, but someone that you see in the street, work with, live next door to, cross the street to avoid may just need that helping hand. That offering of love at a moment of need that you may not realise is so important at that specific moment in time.

I saw one definition of love as being a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection. In cases of helping others, I would suggest it could be broadened to being a deep affection of your fellow human beings.

And, for me, this is an offering of love without condition – in other words love offered without the expectation of anything in return, with it being for self gratification purposes.

It is incredible how kind people are, and can be. But there needs to be a rising of people to do this simple act of kindness.

When we see someone who clearly lives on the street not to turn a blind, but to offer a hand; to talk and allow them to talk and feel love and respect. This isn’t judging someone, it’s allowing them to feel better about themselves.

The power of listening is incredible.

When we someone who is having a hard time at work, to stop ask how they are and to listen to the response. Don’t do it as lip serve, do it because you care. You don’t know what might be happening in their lives.

It’s these simple things. It’s being mindful of the power of your love. When you have seen and felt the true power of love, you realise what you could really do for others.

Give it a go – please.

So, let’s end with a song. Mmmmmmm, what can it be……………….. Only joking. Let’s just get out there and help our fellow men, women, and children. We have the power of love. I know. Do you?

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