The journey ………. so far

View From The Ground


“I try to stay in a constant state of confusion just because of the expression it leaves on my face.”
― Johnny Depp

Welcome to the latest view from the ground. I hope you don’t mind, but this is personal.

There’s a lot of horrible stuff going on around us at the moment. War – senseless; murder – senseless; starvation – senseless; homeless refugees – senseless; homeless people on the streets – senseless. And that’s just the start. The world’s a mess, and it’s a mess created by the human race.


There’s a lot of people awakening to this mess and there is an awareness that something must be done. There’s a collective of people rising, and as a collective what we have is special. But I’m troubled. Deeply troubled. Something on a personal level is stuck.

I was lucky to have started my journey something like 2 1/2 years ago with Viv. As those who have read my blogs – probably 30+ blogs now – I was lucky enough to contribute to Viv’s book, These Wings Can Fly, and that’s where View From The Ground started.

Viv and I have always had a different view on our road of discovery – Viv from a deeper perspective, whereas I see things, as the blog page suggested, from the ground. It works.

Over the last 2 1/2 years, Viv has developed a strong understanding of her development and has grown incredibly – as a Shaman, a Reiki Master, and a healer, to name just a few. I’m proud of her and I know she will continue to grow.

My development is different. I know I have my own role to play, as an interpreter of what I see and hear. To seek to encourage others to find answers as to how we / they can heal our/themselves and in turn, heal each other, our communities, and the world.

I know that part of my role in life is to come out from behind the shadows of others and to make my own steps forward.

Through my blogs, I seek to connect with others, so that we can join hands and walk together. Through the blogs, I seek to reach out to as many as possible and encourage people to share their experiences and thus show we are not on our own. This is why I ask for the blogs to be shared. I would love to read posts from others.

For certain, as a collective, what we have – or is it, what we could have? – is special.

But, I am troubled. Maybe by the need to hear from others? Maybe by the question – is it just me? Maybe, and this is literally coming to me as I write, is it by the fact that I am looking to others? Maybe that’s just it, my belief that I need others.

In reality, I should be seeking to inspire others. To encourage others to find each other; to join hands with each other. Whereas I need to keep moving forward, interpreting what I see and hear, sharing that information and then moving on again. Not waiting for others to join me.

Maybe, that is the role of View From The Ground.

I’ve used this analogy with Viv. I need to see it that I’m in my boat on a river. There are people on the river bank. But I need to allow them to find their own boat and decide whether they want to follow me. Not wait to see if they want to get in my boat. We can all sail on the same river but we need to have the ability to sail at our own pace and maybe take a break every now and again.

And, again, this is coming to me as I type this blog and it is proving to be therapeutic, this is why I maybe shouldn’t be troubled. People have found their boats, and are sailing along. And that’s just great!

Maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t be troubled. I should just celebrate that, as we all sail along in our own little boats, what we have really is special. And, at times maybe I just need to rest from my development. Maybe I expect too much of myself. Maybe I should just let it flow.

And there ends a rather personal blog. Thanks for bearing with me. I hope it makes a bit of sense. Just a confusing time for a lot of us.

Take care.


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