Thank you for ……………..

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow’ – Melody Beattie

Thank you for joining me on another view from the ground. I hope what you see makes you smile, or at least creates some really positive emotions.

I’ve banged on about what a challenging year it has been so I’ll try to not walk over previously trodden ground too much. That said, a challenging year it has been.

However, as we lumber towards the end of the year, with anticipation of a better year to come, I have reflected on, I guess, a lot of what I have tried to capture in the blogs over the last few months.

My natural propensity is to dwell to much on why my glass is half empty whilst encouraging everyone else to enjoy their half full glass. It could be argued that’s why I can work my way through a bottle of wine so quickly. Every-time I’m asked if I want a top up, I look, think the glass is half empty so I’d better get a refill.

However, I am work on practicing what I preach. I am trying to look at how to see the sun, rather than the clouds. How to see a chance for a refreshing walk rather than the rain that is battering down outside. And how to appreciate who I am rather than how much better I could be – if I’d done things differently. Just to clarify, that relates to me as a person, not my life right now.

But, my drive to encourage others to always see the good continues, and will continue regardless. My dream has always been if one person’s life is improved by what is read in a blog, I’ve achieved the equivalent of a lottery win. It’s that simple. The blogs don’t reach a big audience – unfortunately. One day I’ll work a way to, 1) improve the writing skills; and 2) increase the audience. Through that, I can dream of improve one person’s life, then two, four, sixteen etc etc.

For now, I am so thankful you have joined me for this rambling of a recovering misery.

I look at life as it is – as the person I am, and there remains so much to be thankful for.

Things that some may see as simple. I’ve been so lucky to remain employed throughout this difficult period, with a company that truly cares about all of their employees. That passion for the people runs right through the company, from the top. Thank you.

To have a roof over my head, to have a warm home, is something that I should never, ever take for granted. Homelessness is a major issue around the globe. Surely in the 21st century, with the wealth held by the few, there should be the ability to provide a warm, dry place for everyone.

To have my wonderful partner and family and friends, aka #TeamDurky I say thank you. There were times in the past where I was so lonely, even though I wasn’t alone in my home. Now, I can sit in the same home on my own and feel surrounded by love. It is a blessing to be part of the wonderful collective that we have named #TeamDurky. It’s really funny, and seasonally tinged, when a person diametrically the opposite of what we are referred to us as #TeamTurkey. What a wit, or something life that.

During this year I think many of us have become so aware and so grateful to wonderful people’s daily around us. Being in lockdown can be so isolating and to have people we can reach out to has been so important. As we step into 2021, it is important to remember the same people are still there. And we should also remember to be there for anyone who may need us. No one should ever feel alone.

I’ve talked a lot about getting out of the house, getting exercise, and clearing our heads, so I’m not going to labour the point. But, just do it. That’s not an advertisement for a famous sporting brand. It’s a call to action. I no longer go with the idea of New Year resolutions but I do go with the idea of setting ourselves challenges. What greater challenge can there be but to rise from the couch, put on some walking shoes, and getting some exercise. For those of us fortunate enough, it’s in our gift – obviously I am mindful of those with disabilities.

And, don’t forget, thank you for the music, for giving it to me. Music was my first love and it will be my last. Well, maybe in amongst my last. But, as has been highlighted before, I love listening to music and attending concerts. It’s been tough not going to concerts since March. So many shows rearranged and then rerearranged. I feel for the bands impacts, for their road crew, for the venues, for the workers at the venues, for everyone impacted by the effects of this virus.

Ultimately, life comes first but who could ever predicted what we are all living through.

But music is, and always has been, a welcome distraction. When walking, when eating, when relaxing, whenever. During lockdown, in which ever form it has taken, music has been a wonderful source of enjoyment. It’s always been there and I’m so thankful for the music.

I’m lucky. I could list so much that I’m grateful for.

To all and everyone who have been there for me, and for #TeamDurky, thank you for ………… everything. We are, and always will be, there for you.

Take care and here’s to a healthy 2021.


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