All together now

“The same old story again, All those tears shed in vain. Nothing learned and nothing gained. Only hope remains.” The Farm sum it all up as we all absorb more restrictions imposed as we fight against this horrendous Covid-19 virus. Fear not, I’m not going all political. Not in the blog anyway. I also don’t want to waste any more energy on the U.K. government. They’re not worth it.

So, with more tiers than the average tissue can deal with, let’s just sit on our blue bench and enjoy another view from the ground. It’s sometimes all you need. The view that is, not a rambling blog. But, seeing as you’re here, let’s have a char.

I’ve always been a deep thinker but, what with all of the walking I’ve been able to do this year, there’s been plenty of time to think. And, there’s been plenty to think about.

One of the biggest things I’ve missed this years has been unable to see and hear live music. We were lucky to have the awesome SKIES play in the back garden in September as part of their Garden Tour. Talented and underrated and so entertaining. Kind of taking music back to an organic level. Other bands should try it. We loved it. All done with social distancing obeyed.

Just to see a live band! It’s easy to, not so much take it for granted but, just have attending shows as part of your routine. I feel for musicians who love, and need, to play live. I also feel for their crew whose livelihood is touring with bands. There been no work. It’s been great to see so many bands trying to raise money to support their crews.

I look forward to the return of live music and promise to love every minute of it. Even more than before, if that’s possible.

As I’ve reflected in other blogs, the various versions of lockdown down have provided time to reflect. Do we like what we see? I guess it’s a double question. Do we like what we see outward? Do we like what we see inward?

Outward is a bit easier and, in many ways – on a surface level – it’s probably a negative answer. As said above, being unable to meet up with family and friends, no live music, restricted ability to eat out (if at all), no, or little, travel abroad etc. The list could be endless.

But, if we look deeper, the outward view could and should be injected with positivity. Look at how we have all gathered, socially distanced of course, in local parks as we grab at the joy of being able to go out. The feel of fresh air, which has replaced the air conditioning of the car or a shop. The smell of nature, instead of petrol fumes. The sound of birds singing, as they always have but we’ve been deaf to. The taste of a picnic rather that a processed pub £6 burger. The sight of trees swaying in the breeze, rather than a queue at the checkout as we buy something we might wear.

If we also look at how, through out inability to SEE each other, we have taken more time to ‘see’ each other. We have FaceTimed, we have Zoomed, we have Teamed, we have clung with our dear might at every chance we have to connect. There’s been so many quizzes, loads of crazy costumes, and so much laughter. Look at how the we have all come together now. The next challenge will be, once we can physically see each other, we remember everything we have learned about the importance of the connections we have had throughout lockdown.

There have been many chances to have positivity – outwardly – through these challenging times.

And then, we think about what we see when we look inwardly. Do we like what we see? I’m sure we are all feel a bit damaged. It’s been tough and that will always cause some internal scars. For those who have also had to self isolate it’s been really tough. But, I hope we can all see inward strength in the way that we have adapted chameleon like to the changing way we deal with each day. The way, once the anger and vitriol has subsided as our government (in the U.K.) makes another u-turn, we then dust down, look up, breathe and plan. Again, I will avoid politicising this post, but there’s been more u-turns of late than a drunk who can’t remember his address has on an Uber journey.

Personally, I believe we should be proud of ourselves.

I know the unknown remains but there is the vaccine of hope. And hope gives us that much needed boost.

The importance of staying strong has never been more important and the need for us all to pull together is critical. There’s no doubt the restrictions that so many of us are living through are tough. The constant changes in those restrictions is even tougher. But, I guess we all need to look inward and project outwards that together we will succeed.

Obviously, in the northern hemisphere we are just about to slide into winter. Dark nights, wet days, so let’s look on the bright side. With lockdown we are being encouraged to start indoors 😀.

But, let’s focus and what we can do. I’ve talked about what we can’t do – although, that’s all just been put on hold. Let’s focus on talking and walk; have a run and have some fun; have a grin and a glass of gin; or have a beer but don’t live in fear. I hope you know what I mean.

Let’s all be together now. It’s a time to unite.

Take care, and please look out for those around you.


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