It’s 4am soon and the cats are yawning

There are times, many times, when I wonder how and where did that blog title come from. Well, this time, it’s thanks to an early morning walk with Ringo (the dog, for any first timers); my music was seeping through the earphone things; Psychedelic Furs were the band of choice; and Richard Butler’s lyrics weaved in my brain. Hey presto! A paraphrase of some lyrics. The question is, what’s it all about?

It’s been a while. I thank you for joining / rejoining me to talk through things.

I’ve grabbed my seat on the blue bench – so, let’s have a chat.

The View From The Ground has certainly evolved from its origins. Over the last 4 years, I’ve walked through a lot of thoughts, emotions and experiences in the hope that sharing will help others.

I’m conscious I’ve shared a lot of personal things. Laying out in words a lot of challenges experienced. I guess, sometimes I’ve overstepped the line, certainly in the early stages of my life changes. Separation, and then divorce, is never easy. There are always questions, which can never be answered. Self doubt and, of course, the pride hurts when you are tossed aside.

However, to paraphrase the great songsmith Liam Fray, I’m just trying to be the better man, whatever that is. Whether it’s disconcerting or not, I’m not sure. I suggest you listen to the absolute banger by The Courteeners, Better Man, to find out.

I hope those who have read the blogs over the years will have enjoyed the wonderful upturn in the blogs as I have tried to map out the journey we, as in #TeamDurky, have travelled.

It’s certainly been a case out of the dark a great big beacon of light in the shape of Aud has shone. When I say big, at 4ft 11ins, it’s no surprise she is known as The Wee One.

#TeamDurky are my rock. A rock that will never crumble. Regardless.

I’ve learned a lot over the last few years. About me. About others. I think this year has allowed everybody a chance to reflect.

From my own learning, time needs to move on. Perhaps the blogs, as they have been, have served their purpose. I’m not sure, but I feel a push do something. Change? Stop? Start something new? Just carry on regardless? Who knows.

It’s a tough time for millions of people. We all feel the challenging times in different ways. We all feel sorry for ourselves at times. I know I do. But then you hear about something or someone and it stops you in your tracks. It makes you reflect. It makes you understand.

So, lockdown is rubbish. Not being able to see some of your loved ones. Not being able to see friends. Not being able to go to the pub like we used to, rammed at the bar, breathing beer breath to your heart’s desire. Not being able to randomly go to a restaurant and get crammed into a corner table, pushing passed the next table where one of the occupants has their chair stuck out.

But, then you hear about someone’s truly tragic story. Someone who has just received devastating news. A family losing a loved one. A person taking their own life because they can’t see a way out of the darkness that has engulfed them.

And, then you see on the news, the British government – in essence, the Conservative party which really was only voted into government in England – have voted against extending free meal vouchers out of term time at a time when families are struggling more than I can remember.

Whilst the government – and MPs in general – enjoy excellent salaries, subsidised food in parliament, lunch allowances, incredible expenses, and ……….. well, I won’t go there. It has taken Marcus Rashford, a young footballer, who despite his new found wealth, has remained his roots and spoken up and made a difference. A truly remarkable young man who has the backing of the nation. And, the nation has risen. Businesses, many struggling, have step up and stepped into where the elected government has hidden. Whilst this goes on, there are some Conservative MPs who have taken to Twitter to justify their odious stance.

And, it’s these things that keep many of use awake at night. As the clock ticks towards 4:00 am, the thought that there are people suffering, it’s heartbreaking. That children are going hungry, is wrong. Sure, this has to stop?

Sorry for the rant, but I worry. I long for the day that as a nation, including the government, we unite. We come together as one. Will that day arrive? I’ll leave that question hanging there.

For now, let’s stay strong and let’s be that united force that we know we can be.

And so, as we potter towards the close, it’s been a funny old week on top of everything else.

Just when I have truly moved on, I find myself being referred to as spineless.

To my face? Of course not. To me direct? Nooooo! Interestingly, it was in one of a few bile filled texts received by Ben (to those not familiar, Ben is my awesome son – with me on this journey in #TeamTurkey – surely just a Christmas reference, or better known as #TeamDurky).

I had thought about how I could respond to such a description. Well, it’s tough. I’m standing whilst I write this so I must have a spine. And, in reality, how can I respond to such a remark? It’s all down to perspective, of course. So, let’s just leave it that, shortly after reading it, I had a beautiful glass of single malt an reflected on my blessings to have such an incredible family and friends. And, afterwards, I probably had the best night’s sleep. Strange that.

Sorry you a slightly grumpy read. I hope it makes sense.

Stay safe, and let’s support those in need.


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