And when the door opens

“All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me….You may not realise it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” —Walt Disney

A door closes; a door opens. Or, in reality, a door must open to enable it to close. Distinctly different, particularly from a metaphorical perspective.

So, welcome to my blue bench as we take another View From The Ground.

4 years ago, I had an idea for a book (yes, one of the many books talked about but never quite manifested, even though the ICloud is looking after over 200,000 words for me).

The book title was ‘And so the door closed ……’. The concept was around someone walking out on their, what we will call, normal existence, to pursue their dreams of greatness in another realm. The idea was to base it around the fantasy world of the likes of Harry Potter. A good idea but the under tone was negative and, thus, it never got into 2nd gear let alone the 5th dimension.

You never know, I might take the idea and create something of comedic value.

However, when you think about it, the expression ‘closing a door’ on something is used quite regularly. I guess in the same way as ‘closing the book’. It’s all about finishing something. But, in the words of the magnificent band, The Editors, ‘even an end has a start’.

Is it a British thing that we focus on the more negative stuff? I know I’m blighted by a propensity to seeing too much negativity rather than thinking about the better things. Ironic, when I strive to write about positive thinking. That’s my dream, wake up and think everything is good and to maintain that thought throughout the day. Rather than sleep badly and then, when the alarm goes off, thinking ‘oh bo11ocks’.

Since thinking of this theme for the blog, I’ve become obsessed with doors – as Aud can confirm. ‘Oooo, that’s a nice door’ is a regular comment on our walks. However, it’s not just a door. Is it?

A door is many things: –

* it’s something we use to close out what we’ve just left behind

* It’s something we use to protect ourselves from unwanted intrusions

* It’s something we have to keep in what we don’t want to lose (don’t think horror movie thoughts here)

* It’s something we open to embrace what is outside

* It’s something we open to allow others into our space, our place of safety

* It’s something we open to look out to the endless possibilities beyond where we are standing

Of course, there are those times that we keep the door ajar. What does that indicate? I’ll stick to the idea it’s to let some air in.

It would be easy to go all deep on this and start analysing what it means when we don’t lock a door versus when we do (when we are still at home). It’s not for me to step into that territory. I lock the door because the crime rate has increased. It’s that simple.

That said, let me return to my thinking for the blog and, I guess, how I am trying to develop my thinking. Obviously, it would be great if this is something that people could relate it.

My thinking in the past had been on doors closing – either behind me or on me.

When I think of a door closing behind me, my previous self would be stood there looking into the vast horizon on nothingness. A canvas blank. Rather than a blank canvas.

When I thought of a door closing on me, the thinking would be of being left behind. So, being left in a room of nothingness; of isolation.

It’s a good job I’m not going to analyse about a door being ajar. A nothingness inside and outside!

Let’s confine the door closing on me to the past. That could have been, in hindsight, self absorbed ‘poor me’ thinking.

Now, there’s an expression I’ve not used for a long time – ‘poor me’. We all know a few people who fall into this category. And for a long time I was one of them. No more. Most of the time 😀.

Ultimately, when a door closes on me, it signifies the end of whatever it is closing out, or in. That’s it. However, that then presents the chance to start again. Start better. Start how I want to start. And leave behind whatever the door has closed out.

And when the door opens. A canvas blank? No, it really is a blank canvas. It’s the opportunity to create exactly what we want. It’s our life. It’s our chance. I know, right now, our lives are heavily restricted by the effects of pandemic. But, one of my biggest life lessons is to look forward. Not to look back at the door, but to look at the view ahead.

Ultimately, it’s trying to take control of a more positive outlook because, for too long, I’ve allowed myself to get dragged back – sometimes by fear of wanting to be optimistic so expecting the worse.

So, when the door opens, it’s important not to look back and try and run behind the closing door. But to look in front and enjoy the view in front. It’s about whether the door is a barrier, or an opening.

I hope that makes sense. As I said at the start of this latest blast of words, the blog has risen from what, originally, was a negative reflection on things way in the passed. What a waste of energy. I am empowered to reflect on my wonderful life now. And what a wonderful, wonderful life it is. Thank you #TeamDurky.

We are all empowered. Let’s take that chance.

“Life is a series of little miracles, try to notice them.” So, when the door opens, look out for your miracles. They are there and they’re waiting for you.

Take care. Stay safe. #blacklivesmatter


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