Cat Shoe – the ramblings of a recovering misery – step 2

“Just being there for someone can sometimes bring hope when all seems hopeless.” – Dave G. Llewelyn

“Never be so busy as not to think of others.” ― Mother Teresa

‘Living the dream’ and ‘another day in paradise’ are lines that those around me will be used to hearing. Usually they are used with a strong flavour of irony. Well, at least on certain days not associated with the weekend, and not in hours associated with being social time. But, then as I committed those words to text, it got my wandering mind wondering.

And, with that, off we go viewing from the ground what we can do with our way of thinking and supporting other.

Let’s paws for thought as we contemplate what, in the name of moggy, ‘cat shoe’ as a title is all about? It will, I promise, make sense at the end. It always does. Well, it does in my mind.

As I said in the last blog, I’m on a mission. It kind of forms as the ramblings of a recovering misery. But, not as in what caused the misery. More a case of the learning that came from realising how lucky I am and am not in fact miserable.

It’s funny, even when I think about the cause. It’s more a case of causes and, let’s be honest, some of those causes will always be there. They just never go away. Things such as inadequate drivers, late buses, Amazon parcels not turning up on time, late or nonexistent buses, Indian take aways not spicy enough or too spicy, a hole in the socks, odd socks, no socks, socks rolling down when you’re walking, sweaty socks, other peoples’ socks, cheap socks, people talking about socks, designer socks, cats socks in cat shoes …………. ENOUGH!

And that’s the thing, our life path will always be blighted by bumps (for Aud, that’s literal. Every path seems to have a bump, bearing in mind the number of ‘ouch’ she screeches as she trips (again, literally) along). We can focus on the big bumps and hopefully they will fade away; be flattened as it were. But, we have to accept that other bumps will always be there. It’s how we deal with, or accept, those bumps. Making sense or are you wishing I’d put a sock in it?

Now, for me, it is still a case of dealing with those little bumps that is the challenge. Most days, it’s all good. But some days, or as I would observe and call them, Mondays’, those bumps, no matter how small, can cause an almighty trip. I could even fall over a cat shoe such is might state of mind.

As you can see, a recovering misery can still be challenged. And, there’s the propensity to ramble on when trying to deal with it.

It’s challenging on a Monday morning – holy socks, mixed socks, rain pouring just as I take Ringo for his walk; forgot to buy the salad dressing for lunch; slow drivers and HGV drivers on narrow country roads; Brexit on the radio; Theresa May on the radio; weather forecast on the radio; roadworks everywhere on the drive to work; low petrol light pings in the car. Aud singing to Keane who suddenly appear on the radio (you should listen to hear sing. You’d want to shove cat shoes in your ears). And this is all before 8.30 am. It’s may sound like a slower recovery than I’m claiming. But, believe me, all of these things are in control. Well, maybe apart from Aud’s singing.

I think the message is one of getting wound up or frustrated with some stuff is just normal. And, accepting the moments of grumpiness is fine. My journey, though, once I’ve realised all of the above is okay, has been learning to let go, move on, and enjoy the great stuff that life has brought to me.

I guess I’m stating the obvious but I know I’ve had times of worrying about the small stuff and probably letting that then effect my way of dealing with the bigger ticket challenges that had been placed before me.

But, I know, it’s not that easy for everyone. There are many others when the small stuff is actually the big stuff. Not having to get wound up about socks, because there are no socks. Not getting wound up with other drivers because there is no car. Not having the debate over whether the take away is spicy enough because there is no take away. And not getting blasted by a tone deaf partner’s singing along to Keane because there is no radio, there is no partner.

So many people are struggling and it feels like it is getting worse. You read it every day about the struggles people are going through. The famous – too many escaping their plight too soon. The not famous – just the same but the difference is we don’t read about them. Another sad statistic.

Too many people are lost and, whilst we all feel truly saddened, we still lose too made people. I really feel that we all have a strong responsibility to shout out to our neighbour, to our friend, to our colleague, to our family, who ever it may be. But we should shout out loud, we are here and we are ready and want to listen.

Just think, and I know I’ve said it before, be there to listen. Not give option, not judge, not ‘be disappointed’, not even empathise. Just listen. And when you’ve listened, be ready with a hug, a box of tissues, a drink, whatever is required. It may in fact be, the person you’re helping does want you to pass on wise words or whatever. But, we should wait to be invited.

I hope and believe there is always someone to catch you when you fall; catch you when you’re down; catch you when you feel hope slipping away. There is always hope. It’s just sometimes difficult to see when all around you is darkness. But, those arms ready to catch you are the shining beacon of hope. Believe me, I was caught at my time of falling and the light that was provided shines around me now and I just hope I can share it with others.

And, with that, I will move on through another day.

Cat shoe as a title a bit light? Not in the slightest. In fact, the opposite. I’d truly love to see Cat Shoe as being a group of guardian angels who are ready to catch you when you fall. You never know but, for now, let us all be ready to catch a falling person. It’s not about catching a falling star, it’s about catching a falling person who needs you. For us to be there, for who ever it may be. To be there, at the end of the phone, to be there online, to be there at the bar, to be there behind the door. Where ever, just be there.

Don’t get me wrong, the likes of The Samaritans are awesome. I am truly in awe of the support they give those in need. But, the more support that can be available, surely that’s for the better?

Ultimately, we all need someone. We all do.

I wish you well. It you need someone to catch you,

Take care.


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