#TeamDuke raise a glass and toast routine



👁❤️2 ……………………….. routinely have routine

“Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.” – Naveen Jain

Routine – “a sequence of actions regularly followed.”

Toast – “a call to a gathering of people to raise their glasses and drink together in honour of a person or thing, or an instance of drinking in this way.” However I prefer – “sliced bread browned on both sides by exposure to radiant heat, such as a grill or fire.”

Så velkommen til mine observationer fra Base Ground, or as I am better saying, so welcome to my observations from Base Ground. I thought I’d break with routine and try a bit of Danish. If I’ve got it wrong, blame Google Translate.

Now, that’s an interesting concept, breaking with routine when the whole purpose of this blog is to raise a glass and toast routine.

Well, now there’s a thought and, as well trodden readers will know, I do like to examine thoughts.

It’s been a while since the previous blog – #TeamRingo – my view from the ground. I loved writing that blog and I hope it was an enjoyable read. I know I’ve banged on about how the life of #TeamDuke has changed in the last year but, with a few last remaining ‘adjustments’ to be made, life is pretty damn good. And, thank you for asking.

I’d be lying if I said things don’t still make us sad. The great Chester Bennington from Linkin Park taking his life this week was heartbreaking. 41 years old, married, with 6 children. Wealth beyond what most of us could dream. Respected by his peers, adored by his fans. But, his tortured mind did not see a way forward so he ended his life. Truly sad. When will the world wake up and understand that wealth and fame do not equal happiness. EVERYONE needs love, support, and understanding from beyond their immediate circle – beyond adoration. This understanding must be focussed on the heart healing the head. This, of course, is in my humble opinion. There is hope for us all, but we need to ensure we can all see that. We need to make sure that we can all see the light. Rest in peace Chester. May you have now found your place of stillness and balance.

I’m grateful for my life and all that it brings – even the challenges (spell check just changed that to ‘chalkboard’).

I now learn from the challenges and use that learning to, hopefully, help others. My life purpose – helping others. Would you believe it? Helping others unconditionally, in the realms of their normal lives and not trying to implant into their minds that there is a high place for them. If you don’t know what I mean, have a look on Facebook where there are several groups / sects trying to ‘reach out’ and convince the vulnerable that there is a way to escape our impending doom. There is, stop looking on Facebook at the groups / sects who are trying to convince you that their way is the right way. YOUR way is the right way! Sorry, rant over. It took me a while to realise that there are 144,000 light energy reasons to realise that ascension is a distraction from the masses doing what actually needs to be done.

Funnily, if you read or hear about some of this clap trap, the world should have ended several times by now. I seem to remember an instance in September 2015 when a disaster was due to strike. When it didn’t, it actually did but only the ‘believers’ would understand. Well, September 2015 is when the Leeds Rhinos won the 2nd of their 3 trophies that year so that wasn’t a disaster for me.

Sorry, I’m making light of a serious subject but I truly worry that groups / sects / cults are forming in a similar way to the moonies and the like. If you’re looking for a cult, join Donald Trump (there goes spell check again!).

Anyway, let’s raise a glass and toast having a damn good rant.

Joking apart about routine, but I guess I have always been a routine kind of person. However, over the last year I have sought to change things around a little bit. A great example is the big shop (for those outside of the UK who don’t understand that term, it is the weekly grocery shop when you stock up on everything you need and a lot that you don’t). I would alway do it on a Saturday. I would have to be on my way by midday. I would have to fill 2 wine carriers (12 bottles). I would need to be home so lunch could be eaten close to 2 pm, etc. Now, I should when I want and how I want. It’s now a month since I last bought any win to have at home. I guess I’ve actually developed a routine of not having a routine.

However, I do love a good routine and I do believe it is good for the mind and spirit. My favourite is when on holiday, Ben and I go out every morning to collect bread and the like for breakfast. W always walk down to the village, wander along the promenade, buy newspapers, look out to see, and then buy breakfast. We talk about the impending football (soccer!!!!) season, the upcoming Leeds Festival etc. Pure joy. I also built into the afternoon of the holiday a good walk with Liv, so that we could have a chat. Well, actually, it’s so Liv can have an ice cream. Whatever it takes, it’s still pure joy.

Talking of the Leeds Festival, which we routinely go to every year, although one routine has been broken this year as Ben is paying for me (❤️), we chose our food type of the weekend and that’s what we stick to. For the last 2 years it’s been good old fish and chips and, for a festival, they are rather good. We even found the same caterers at the recent Let’s Rock Leeds festival. Pure joy!

I know being a free spirit and spontaneous is good and there are times that I’ll go along with the that concept. I just need to schedule it into my routine.

I’m always one for a simple life, so if putting a blend of routine and spontaneity into hat I think I can cope. As I’ve written about this year, 2017 has always being about moving forwards. Yes, #TeamDuke will always need a rant. But, that rant is no longer about looking backwards. It is meant to be about highlighting potential areas of concern that we have experienced and just wan to put out there as a note of caution.

To conclude, what was the purpose of this blog, I hear you asking? Well, the whole idea came about from one of the many reasons why I love our gorgeous dog, Ringo. Routine! Every morning, he joins me for breakfast – as simple as that. I wander into the kitchen, potter around, drop into the dining room to say hi to him. He just lies there until he hears the pop of the toaster and the scraping of butter on the toast. He then appears and sits in front of me whilst we share toast. I used to b such a grumpy pillock in the morning but he’s changed a major part of my life. Pure joy! I even now pick up Audrey on the way to the office so that we can have a catch up. Another routine. Pure joy!

So, there you go. Let’s raise a glass and toast routine. And let’s routine the toast.

Wishing you an awesome day, week, month, year, life. Keep it real because real is pretty damn good.





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