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“A dog will teach you unconditional love. If you can have that in your life, things won’t be too bad.” – Robert Wagner

Never true words have been uttered from someone’s mouth. It’s incredible that so many people still look at me with those strange expressions. Don’t you dare come near me; I came to the park for a quiet walk, not to have to dodge you and that group of yours throwing that ball; and so on.

But then, in fairness, what do I know from my view from the ground? Well, I’ll let you decide.

Come with me for a walk. WALK?????? Did you just say walk? Oh boy, oh boy. I love walks. I love playing. I love life. Oh yes, I do.

Has the recent sun done something to me? Not really. What isn’t there to like about walking. I just walk, look at the houses and gardens as we walk by, stopping occasionally so that I can make sure the next time we walk this way, I’ll know where I am going.

I use my eyes first, my nose second, and my ears third. Love what you see; savour what you smell; and rejoice in what you here.

We occasionally bump into people on our walks. The talk is always centred on what has just been on the news. Well, I’ll just keep seeing, smelling, and hearing (what I want). The TV is on but unless it involves a round or oval ball I don’t watch it. I just wait until the next time I have a walk.

A lot of people tell me I smile a lot these days, which always makes me feel good. But I am lucky so what isn’t there to smile about? And when I get told, I just smile some more.

I’m lucky for so many reasons. My life changed 2 months ago and it’s just got better. I’ve got a roof over my head, a warm bed, food, water, along with Ben, Livia, Zeekee, and someone whose name changes so I don’t know whether he’s called Dad, Jon, Grumpy, Fatty, or what. But, if I fall on the floor, and roll on my back, he’ll tickle me. I just need to work on stopping my back leg involuntarily kicking as I worry he will pass out from laughing. For the purpose of this dlog (🙈) I’ll call him Jon.

And then, there’s the one who they seem to also give a few names to – dwarf seems to be popular but I’ll call her Audrey, because she gives me treats every time she comes to my house. She’s even there when I go to Susie’s house. Susie is my little friend. It’s funny how I’ve got a little friend, like Jon has. Susie is cute, and runs round in crazy circles while I sit there and just laugh. She’s older than me, so whilst I do think she’s a bit of a babe, if I get any ‘urges’, she let’s me use a cushion to deal with it. For some reasons, Audrey’s children, Eilidh and Liam (my new friends) always laugh at me, and they seem to invite friends to watch. I might start demanding food for these performances. Or they can take me for a walk. WALK? Did you say walk?

So, this is where I reveal my true identity. Yes, it’s a dog blog. I figured it was time to give you a break from #TeamDuke, so welcome to #TeamRingo. It feels to appropriate to give me View From The Ground. I listen to the conversation at home about what they all worry about – terrorism; a horrendous fire in London; poverty; famine; delusional governments; money; Ben and Liv talk about missing their mum. There’s a lot but as soon as I hear the words ‘walk’ or ‘where’s your lead?’ I give them a tilt of the head, a goofy smile, and everything they have worried about seems to disappear because we all jump around. If that doesn’t work, I grab my harness and throw it on the floor. That always works.

You see, I love them. Simple as that. I love them unconditionally. And that’s the magic. I see them and I smile because they are my world. WALK??? Did you say walk? Oh, yes, world. My world is what I see, what I smell, and what I hear. Well ……….. what I want to hear. I believe it’s called living in the day. I see magic in what I see, and that’s what matters. Isn’t it? I see the magic in what I can effect. I smile, I get a stroke or a treat. I bark near the kitchen door, I’m let out for a poo. I sit next to my family when they are eating, they share their food. After they have eaten, they give me what’s left to eat and then I trot round the house until I hear those words, ‘do you want a walk?’. WALK!!!!!!

I love life because, what else is there to do. I love living, I love smiling, I love walking, and I love loving. I want to be everyone’s friend. I want everyone to love like I love. And, if you all tried to see through my eyes, see what I see, you would love life a whole lot better. And Jon tells me, if you all learned how to love like I do, you would be able to change the world.

WALK? He’s just said walk, so I’d better finish. Oh boy, I’m amazed at my typing skills and I bet there’s less typos that he makes.

Have a walk, see the beauty, smell the magic, and rejoice in all of the sounds of nature. Beautiful.



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