Live for the moment ………. but please throw my mouse

View from the ground


“I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn’t arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I’m going to be happy in it.” ― Groucho Marx.

Wonderful words, which I wish I’d read yesterday. There’s irony because, as Groucho says, yesterday is dead. But, when yesterday was today, it didn’t start very happy.

I’m sure there are many people who can resonate – waking up, getting up, thinking through what the day holds (after expressing genuine gratitude for waking up). And then for no reason at all, your brain switches into a deep thinking mode. When you start to reflect on what is going on in life – be that what’s on the news; be that what’s happening in your working life; be that what your are going to eat today (whilst being grateful that you have food); be that everything else that is in your head.

So, welcome to another view from the ground. Fear not, as always, this blog has a happy ending.

Thank you for visiting, and thank you for taking the time to read my blog. As I always say, these words are just my observations on and interpretation of life and are not intended to direct anyone’s thinking. I do hope, however, that by sharing my observations and interpretation it can provide reassurance to others who may have the same thoughts but have wondered if they are on their own and basically losing the plot. The good news is, not you’re not and my dream is that, over time, we can all connect and walk our path forward together.

Anyway, the morning that inspired this blog was a little more than just thinking about the day ahead. As I sat their, at 6:30 am, my mind was full of everything that was going on in my life. About what had happened that week; what was about to happen in the day; what was probably going to happen the next day; about Ben going to the USA in June for 2 1/2 months; about Liv going to university in September. And that all lead me to reminisce about the joy of our wonderful family holidays, and how I wished we could go back in time. And then I got tearful. Why can’t life just go back to how it was? Worry, worry, worry.

As I left my room of contemplation (I’ll leave it to the imagination which room I’m referring to 😀) I was greeted by our cat, Zeekee. Clearly, she had had a similar moment of thinking because she dropped her toy mouse at my feet and waited expectantly. Thinking? Actually, no.

Before I continue – a bit of background about Zeekee.


She’s been with us for just short of 3 months now and she’s 8 months old. It could be said Zeekee has a personality crisis. She talks to us – although a lot of it is directed at me when I tell her off, as she basically tells me off and always wants the last word. Mmmmm, a female wanting the last word? Well, it’s not lost on me anyway.

Zeekee also thinks she’s a dog. As I mentioned above, she had dropped her sponge mouse at my feet. The idea being that I would pick it up and throw it, for Zeekee to chase, pick up and bring it back to me, and the whole process to be repeated – usually 20+ times. I kid you not! Madness and wonderful in equal measures. The toy mouse is just a pink sponge ‘thing’ but she loves it.

My point though is, Zeekee is living in that exact moment. To her, it’s play time. Yes, she might have a look to see if there’s any food out. But she’s not thinking about the previous day, when there’s a good chance that the person she wants to play with had told her off – again. She’s not been laying on her blanket, reading the news on an iPad. She’s not reminiscing about her life before she joined us (thankfully, because it wasn’t good). She’s not thinking about what will be happening beyond that specific moment – when she would be very grateful if I could possibly play. In essence, she’s living in the exact moment.


It was a real wake up call. Whilst I worry, worry, worry, Zeekee wants to play, play, play. Now, the theme of my last blog – Let’s make a song and dance about it aka time to dance – (I like long blog titles!) talked about the positive effects of song and dance. As I said in the blog TIME TO DANCE!

Let’s change that slightly for this blog – TIME TO PLAY! Time to live in the moment. Time to sit down, throw the mouse, throw the mouse, throw the mouse. Enjoy Zeekee’s moment.

Reality check – we can’t turn back the clock. And, if we could repeat those ‘good old times’, would they be as good second time around? We should feel lucky (blessed!) to have those experiences in our memory to smile about. Why worry about the day ahead? We certainly need to plan, but surely we should plan for a good day? What about tomorrow? Well, when we wake up tomorrow – that’s a blessing because it means we’ve been given the opportunity to make the most of the gift of life.

I accept this all sound could in principle. But, actually, in practice it can be even better because we can effect it. We can decide it’s TIME TO PLAY. We can decide to smile, we can decide to enjoy the moment and not worry.

At the moment, I’m sharing my drive to work with someone who lives next door. I enjoy her company as we have a variety of conversations. But last week, she said something I hadn’t heard before – in that depression is linked with worrying about the past, whereas as anxiety is worrying about the future.

Interesting! Just think how just living in the moment could help us all. Easier said than done? That’s up to us. Again, I look at Zeekee as I type and she’s just picked up her mouse because it’s TIME TO PLAY. Me? Well, I’ve got the news on in the background whilst working hard on not thinking about tomorrow. I’m trying to live in the moment, which I guess I am because I’m still typing – rather than preparing the family evening dinner.

I hope you will join me in my personal steps forward towards enjoying the moment; celebrating the past but not longing for its return; and waiting until tomorrow is today.

Okay, I will draw to a close. In doing so, I am going to sit back – with the glass of red wine that Viv has just given me (thank you) – and celebrate today. The walk, the family, the fun, the life!

Thank you for joining me. As I always say, I would love people to share their stories with me to publish on the website.

Take care, and don’t forget to throw the mouse.

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