Let’s make a song and dance about it aka time to dance

View from the ground


“Music was my first love
And it will be my last
Music of the future
And music of the past

To live without my music
Would be impossible to do
In this world of troubles
My music pulls me through”

The words of John Miles from 1976. Still a song that I have whirling through my mind. Partly because it’s very good, but mainly because those few words really resonate.

So, welcome to the latest grounded view.

What a week! Well, when I say what a week I am referring to my observations of the broadcasted news. When I say broadcasted news I am referring to what we are being told. When I say what we are being told, I mean I believe we are being fed what the broadcast company owners WANT us to know. When I say ………………… I’m sure you get the message.

Conspiracy theorist? Not at all. I just like to reflect on what I feel, in the hope that it inspires others to think and form their own thoughts around what is going on.

As for the news we have been fed this week, it really makes you wonder how much longer it will be before the masses gather and say – as one united voice – ENOUGH. As I write this paragraph I have the displeasure of listening to one political voice concentrating his diatribe against the UK Prime Minister rather than focussing on what the government can and will do – together! – to improve things for the population. I’ll refrain from commenting about the UK Prime Minister. Words aren’t needed or appropriate.

Naive? I don’t think so? Just a hope that the politicians that we put in positions of power did the job that we elect them to do rather than continually criticising each other time and time again. No wonder the world is in decline. They haven’t got a clue!

Anyway, as usual, I have strayed into a subject which wasn’t meant as the basis of the blog. However, there is a tenuous link as I have been doing a lot of thinking about escapism.¬†Escapism? Yes, escapism. I’m sure there are millions of people who feel that their day is just a blur of routine. Usually following: –

* Alarm wakes up
* Wash, dress, feed and ready for work / the day
* Travel to work
* Work, work, work
* Travel home from work
* Cook / watching someone cooking
* Eat, talk, reflect
* Relax
* Bed
* ……… And do it again tomorrow

Now, of course, when you are working through your day, don’t forget to do your gratitudes. I’ve written many blogs on gratitude – these are still on the View From The Ground section on www.thesewingscanfly.wordpress.com. I’m rather proud of them.

And – key gratitudes are being alive, having a house, having clothes, having food, having a job, having a family to talk to …………… and that’s just starting! So, please don’t read that I am taking the above for granted.

But, we have it in our power to break the routine., shake off those chains of monotony, to say this is my one chance so (in this life anyway) TIME TO DANCE!

Mmmmmm – where is this going? Those who know me know I am not a gifted mover – unless last orders are called at the pub. But here’s the big but (note the spelling, so I’m not referring to my expanding rear) – we, my friends, don’t need to be gifted movers. We just need to move. As if the prove a point, I’ve just played Mr. Blue Sky by the awesome ELO (more on them in a bit) and found myself jigging in the kitchen. I love it. The release of music. Finding a great song gives you licence to say TIME TO DANCE.

Just think about the effect music can have on us. I’ve mentioned above ELO. Viv and I were fortunate – blessed it could be said – to see Jeff Lynne’s ELO last night at the magnificent Leeds Arena (one of the best venues I have been to). I’ve seen 200+ concerts, but last night was the best. The anticipation was phenomenal. Maybe because ELO are one of my all time favourite bands. But it was the collective excitement. And, then, the intro music and it was TIME TO DANCE.

I was surprised how many people stayed seated. Obviously they were enjoying the show. But, for 90 minutes, this was a chance for escapism; it was living in the moment (that’s a subject for a future blog); or in the words of Jeff Lynne, it was a living thing. Some people may have turn(ed) to stone but, it might have been some secret messages which just made us walk the tightrope and dance. If you don’t know ELO, I will apologise for those song references. They just came to me out of the blue.

But, that’s just it – music gives you chance to lose yourself, and to dance like you don’t. You can release your inner child and, before you know it, what ever was bothering you a minute previously has gone.

Well, Viv and I definitely lost ourselves in the magic of the concert. It has to be said, a couple of glasses of red wine helped me to dance like no one was watching. To be fair, they weren’t. What was going on in front, on the stage was the focus – although those seated behind us may question that.

What’s wrong with a couple of red wines to loosen things up though? A glass of red is another one of life’s pleasures. It’s certainly something a lot of us enjoy. I’ve recently heard it suggested that people have a drink when they get home from work as it could be regarded as a norm in society. I beg to differ. I have a drink when I get home because I enjoy a glass of red wine, and that’s the end of it. And I certainly enjoyed the red wine, the music and the dancing at Jeff Lynne’s ELO concert.

Still on the subject of music. How many of us sit in the car, something has been bothering us and then – bang – a great song comes on your CD, iPlayer, the radio etc, and we just lose ourselves in the moment, the magic. We sing, we wiggle, we release the inner child again.

We need to use music more to release ourselves from the routine; to dance like no one is watching. Who cares!

How about trying this technique the next time that you are wound up, or getting frustrated about something; remove yourself from the situation, find a room, put on some music or think of a song and then it’s TIME TO DANCE. Release your frustration. Slightly left of centre thinking, but try it. Might even be worth a try at work. If you do, let me know how it goes.

Music and dance can be used in so many situations to lift the spirits, and at this moment in time there are many people who need to do that. So, my feeling is we should lose ourselves in the music and use it as the here and now.

So, let the music play, have fun, be yourself and don’t be dictated to. This is your life to enjoy. I’d love to heard stories where perhaps your have had a dance like no one is watching. Please share your stories. I would love to post them on the blog site.

Until the next time. And if you spot the odd typo, sorry, I was dancing.


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