So wide awakened

All old View From The Ground blog, but very relevant.

These Wings Can Fly

View From The Ground


Another Saturday, another time to reflect on things. A time to consider what, why, how, when, and whether. Actually, that should be weather, as I sit here watching the rain outside. Actually, that should be hear, as I listen to the sound of the rain. Actually, that should be reign ………. I’d better stop that train of thought because it’s already getting out of control.

I have been reading a lot recently about people feeling incredibly out of sorts and confused with how they are feeling. I have taken a lot of comfort from that because the past few weeks – I could actually say past few months – I have felt incredibly confused with life. In the View From The Ground blogs I have tried to talk about things from a very personal point of view, which has been incredibly difficult as I am a…

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