Life’s what you make it – verse 5 – give yourself a try

As the title suggests, life’s what you make it. I’d like to think the blogs that appear under the banner of ‘View From The Ground’ are a light read in what is, on occasion, a not so light time.

Of course, any opinions expressed are those of the writer. With that in mind, if these opinions are not those of the reader, that’s what makes life interesting. We are all different. We can see things differently. You might see something orange. I might see the same something red. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? Does it matter? If it does, sorry. I’m not saying I’m right, but I am write(ing) as I see things.

Welcome back, or welcome for the first time, to my View From The Ground. 2020 has been set out to making the best out of life that we can. An opportunity to seize what ever chance we get to smile.

Now, I love irony, and I know I’m not gifted when it comes to being a smiler. Grimace – yes; scowl – yes; look downright grumpy – oh yes. Smile? Tough! Does that mean I’m not happy? Not at all. I am genuinely happier now than at any time in my life. So, why don’t I smile more?

Now, this could become a deep discussion around almost reflecting outwardly what people expect. ‘There’s Jon. I bet he’s grumpy!’ So, guess what …………. There is also the possibility of over many years of being told that we are, let’s just say, grumpy, we just take on that persona.

It’s a bit of a Pavlov’s dog scenario. We get trained to respond / act in a way, so it’s easier to be that person. Or, perhaps, a self fulfilling prophecy.

How many of us dread Monday?

Now, I accept that it is natural to not look forward to Monday, as it signifies the end of the weekend and the start of another working week for those of us who are lucky enough to have a job.

However, when you think about it – that means there are potentially 43 Mondays that fill us with dread, when you take off annual leave and public holidays. How scary is that? We spend 16.5% of the working year dreading Monday.

On the flip side – that means we spend about 18% of the working year being euphoric about Friday and the same percentage smirking that Wednesday is hump day (a higher percentage as less public holidays on Fridays and Wednesdays).

I’ve got to admit I do struggle with Mondays. But I don’t know why other than it’s just programmed into my psychological makeup. I like my job, I’m part of a great company, and work with people I genuinely like. I’m lucky that my drive to work is through some of the most beautiful scenery. And, yes, that scenery is on this little island called Great Britain – not Catalonia (see Life’s what you make it – verse 4 – Sister Europe to reference this comment).

So, what’s the problem? Yes, I love my weekends. Yes, I love staying in bed on a Sunday morning. But, that’s no excuse for having a face like a slapped bottom on Monday morning.

What is the problem, because so many people are the same? You see it. More’s the case, you feel it. Behaviours on the road are a more aggressive. You’ve chased the radio station in the car so many times because you’re sick of the constantly cheery voices reminding you that it’s Monday; everything is good; here’s another happy, smiley song, and then there’s the array of adverts for holidays , holidays and more holidays.

The walk from the car to the office is very much a case of head down, no eye contact, swear at the lift, swear at the door security card because you’ve actually tried to use the security card for the printer, head down through the office and then drop the bag on the desk with a huff, a gruff, and a loud exhalation of air.

I’m actually feeling tense writing this! Madness. In reality, it’s just another day. Another day into which we are lucky to wake up, to be alive. Another day when we can enjoy, if we put our minds to it. For sure, there’s always going to be days which are just total rubbish. In the main, those days are out of our control.

However, our feelings towards many other days are predetermined. I’m using Monday as an example. A quick health warning in that I don’t want to be accused of discrimination against Monday. A part-time worker who works Wednesday to Friday may feel the same about Wednesday. A weekend worker may feel the same about Saturday. I support Day Equality!

However, and it feels like I’m writing this blog to me, it would be interesting to apply the Friday feeling – or whatever day your ‘Friday’ is – to every day. A big ask? Of course it is. I’m writing this bit of the blog on Sunday afternoon and can feel the wash of pre-Monday blues rolling in like a winter storm crashing onto a previously sun bleached beach.

And this is my point. We are / I am pre-programmed to feel this way because it’s the start of another week. But, what is the difference between what we were / I was doing on Friday and what we / I will be doing tomorrow. The answer is simply nothing, apart from on Friday we / I had 2 days at home or doing whatever to look forward to.

It’s a mindset thing, in my mind that is. I’m not speaking on behalf of anyone else. I’m just trying to think out loud in the hope it provokes some thought.

So, why don’t you give yourself a try? When it works, reprogram to repeat the process. It could be life changing. If not life, at least Monday changing. I hope so because I’m going to give myself a try. Tomorrow? Let’s see. Hopefully I can surf the wave and ride to success. The alternative is crashing to the sand like a beached whale ……………. again.

Take care. Have fun. Repeat after me, I do like Mondays.


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