Further ramblings of a recovering misery. No. 6 – #TeamDurky and other things that make me happy

“Family is the most important thing in the world.” – Princess Diana

“A man should never neglect his family for business.” – Walt Disney

Before I launch into another blog – so soon since the last one – let me just correct Mr. Disney and say a man or woman should never neglect their family for business. Things were a bit different when the original quote was given. I hope that deals with any raised eyebrows.

I enjoyed writing the last blog. It took a while to get the words out, but that’s how it rolls. I’m always hopeful that those who stumble on the blogs enjoy reading them. As I said in the last one, the reason for the blogs has changed significantly since their beginnings. I have to laugh that ‘View From The Ground ‘ started from a place where I didn’t belong. I’m a realist. I’m honest. But for a time I seemed to be caught in a fantasy world. But, thankfully, I found my wings and flew to safer ground – and, here I am.

So, welcome to another view from my grounded place. My chair. The place where I do reflect. I reflect a lot. Reflect on so many things. Reflect on the good, the bad, and the downright craziness of the world. Reflect on how the hell is BoJo Prime Minister of the U.K. This isn’t a political rambling because, in a reality, every leader of every political party in the U.K. is a complete muppet. But, BoJo? OMG!!!! Laughable in such a scary way.

Anyway, enough of that reflection because the mirror might crack so that bad luck may extend beyond the 5 years term of a U.K. government to 7 years. Maybe the foretelling of doom to the world by some may be true. I’d best get a taste for wild berries and strange mushrooms.

Now, as previous readers will know, I love my family. Really love my family. #TeamDurky. My everything. My reason to still be here. My reason to rise from the darkness and find my chair to soak up my view from the ground. I think those of us who are lucky enough to have family appreciate the importance of them.

We’re lucky to have each other. And there is rarely a day that goes by when I don’t give thanks to being with #TeamDurky. I’m lucky that The Wee One landed in Yorkshire and circumstances brought us together. A concentrated 4ft 11in of pure love. Unconditional love. Real unconditional love. No expectations. Help anyone.

Ben aka Big Lad. Not just a son. A best friend. Not just a best friend. So much more to #TeamDurky. And now complete, in a wonderful relationship with the equally wonderful Gaby. It’s great to see them together and it’s a joy to spend time in their company.

And, then there’s Liv. 4 months in Bordeaux, growing and developing with such strength. In the same way as Ben, not just a daughter. A best friend.

Those of us who have close family know the strength that brings. Of course, the family extends beyond those named above. For Aud, she has Eilidh and Liam.

There are the parents, brothers, the in-laws, the friends, the wider relatives. A celebration of the collective spirit. Did I say spirit? You know what I mean. It’s meant holistically.

I guess, the reflections here are about remembering that whilst strength comes from within, growth comes from realising that you can’t do it alone. Not always. You need to see and feel the strength that others bring.

Now, this is where I admit that I’m bloody minded. I’m the kind of person I criticise. Me? Criticise? I also admit to having a tendency to feel sorry for myself. Surely not? Surely, through the course of these blogs I’m just portraying myself as a gathering blast of growing positivity. Well, whilst that’s the direction I’m heading in, unfortunately poor me; impatient me; grumpy me still pops up and the recovering misery has to look up and accept he needs help.

Ben and Liv particularly have seen the poor me being exposed to the world. The stomping around the house, collecting dishes to wash, clothes to throw in the washing machine etc. Aud sees the grumpy me, in the car, in the kitchen over breakfast and so on.

And of course, it’s all about me, me, me.

Thankfully, slowly, the dawning of that blessed miracle of ‘just speak up and ask for help’ has started to seep through. But it’s a slow process. I could talk about why but that’s long gone.

That’s reason to be happy. I’m lucky. I hope you are too. I’m not bragging, but I’m grateful. I’m grateful that there is the collective of family and friends who are all there for each other. One person goes down, someone in the group gathers to sweep them up. So many examples of this beautiful spirit being shown.

You see, whilst #TeamDurky is those initially stated at its core, in reality it is all of us. Well, at least so, so many people have effectively connected with us. Family and friends are there. But also, I have seen and experienced wonderful contact through social media. People reaching out and just being their. Genuinely wonderful people.

I’m grateful to all of the genuine people who want to help and support others when their wings can’t fly. Those times when darkness reaches out in an effort to inflict injury to fuel its onwards misguided ego. But, thankfully, the strength of good will always win over and ensure the vulnerable are protected.

A bit deep? Sorry, some of #TeamDurky have had a hard time and I guess I’m angry. Move on!!!!! That’s as much a message to me as it is those who seek to keep on hurting.

I’d better close for now. It’s all good. In fact, it’s all phenomenal. In fact, it’s all phenomenally phenomenal. Just sometimes my grinch appears. And with that, I’m off. Run Forest, run!


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