The ramblings of a recovering misery – step 4. To be Frank

“So sing this song with me. And raise your hands and stamp your feet. If you have got what you believe is a life full of anxiety. And I’ll tell you that it’s okay. ‘Cause it doesn’t have to stay this way. And there’s a better place for you and me where we can be happy” – Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

It’s a funny old world. It’s funny how your perception of yourself can be so different. Something which is a bit of cheeky fun to you could be seen as an act of immaturity to someone else. A love of any music, literally any music, to you is normal. To someone else, because you are in your 50’s, is an indication that you should grow up.

Welcome the a phew from the mound. To be Frank, it’s time to be Frank.

What’s going on in the world? We’ve got a group of men in Alabama deciding that abortion should be illegal. Hello? A group of men? Mmmm, something doesn’t seem right. I’m all for life but men dictating something that effects women, without a consideration of circumstances?

In the U.K. we’re still going through the European Union Hokey Cokey. Are we in, out, until then we’ll shake it all about? The leader of the Brexit Party has the kind of arrogance that makes you question his motivation, and then he opens his mouth and it all becomes apparent. The Prime Minister keeps going back to parliament to get them to agree to her ‘deal’. Parliament keeping saying no, so she asks again.

Anyway, as you can see, to be Frank I’m troubled. Troubled by too many things that seem wrong in our world. Our world that we seem hell bent on destroying. Destroying both materially and spiritually. Spiritually he says? Don’t worry, I’m not going to preach elevation to a new dimension that doesn’t even exist – other than in the minds of so many, and increasing, social media groups. Wake up people, we’re all in the sh!t storm together.

The use of the word ‘spiritually’ is purely a reference to how we think and how we act for the betterment of others. That’s not spirituality I here you scream. It’s all down to interpretation I say.

Anyway, let’s not fall out on semantics. As I said, I truly believe we should all just realise we are in this together.

I’m kind of obsessed. No sh!t Sherlock hardened View From The Ground blog readers will say. Slow down and let me continue. My obsession links to my other obsession which has always linked to my other ……………. Anyway, I’ll continue.

I’ve got this obsession about normalising things. Normalising things that some might feel need to be treated in isolation. But, I’d like to present the case for the Normality Party.

Let’s look at my comment above referencing spirituality. Now, I’ll freely put it out there that I try to live a life along the lines of a lot of spiritual behaviours – be a good person, help others, try and do the right thing and be very much focused on being a loyal, passionate good member of society. Does that make me better than someone else? No way. I’m the equal of someone else, that simple. I’m normal.

I read some wonderful things on social media, posted by some highly spiritual people – some of whom are friends – and I know it is being posted to help others. Beautiful stuff. So, I guess I’m saying to those who would like to position themselves as being above that, come on down and join the Normality Party. It’s liberating to reach out, normally.

And then there’s mental health and well being. My real passion. I could cry when I hear stories about the struggle many have to fight through. So many pushed by life to want to end their life. So many who feel that what they’re suffering is abnormal. That has got to stop. And stop now.

I’ve been to a couple of outstanding mental health meetings / seminars over the last couple of days – through work. Yes, I am lucky enough to be with an employer that sees mental health as a serious matter and wants to positively deal with it.

Inspirational presenters but I was stunned to hear that there are still people who are afraid to advise their employer that they have mental health issues for fear of losing their job. Unbelievable, in this day and age, this is a genuine issue and it has to stop – NOW!

There is so much about mental health and well-being that concerns me, but that this silent killer, yes killer, has to rise to the top of the list of government issues to invest hard money into – rather than funding the bank accounts of the legal people working through the bl00dy mess that is Brexit. And of course in the U.K. we are now faced with the nonsense of a new Prime Minister being forced upon us now that the previous one has accepted that she was useless. My worry is, I’d take useless every day rather than Boris Johnson or Jacob Rees-Mogg. That’s the lunacy of it all.

Mental health is an illness lurking, ready to snare anyone. It’s affecting more and more people and those who say it’s a self created condition need to take a look at themselves.

There are ‘people’ out there who claim physical pain, and there’s a chance they could also mean mental pain, stems from thought or emotional causes. Anyone reading this who preaches such ill advised nonsense, my message is keep your thoughts to your own inner sanctum of like minded delusionists and leave humanity to get treated properly. We are all entitled to our own opinions – of course.

Raising awareness about mental health and helping people to improve their well being is a passion of mine and I just hope it can become a, genuine, passion of our government(s) and is not just a bunch of words and ignorant platitudes.

So, as I close another step in the ramblings of a recovering misery, I suspect that some people who know me well may question whether I’m recovering or am still a fully fledged, fully paid up misery. All I’ll say is don’t confuse being grumpy with being a misery. I stand tall and proud as I truly feel my misery has dropped away. For sure, it’s a continuous process of being mindful of how I feel. However, am I still grumpy? Of course I am. I’m a grumpy old man. Sometimes, I would suggest my grumpy exterior masks a glowing light of happiness on the interior

The way I see it. The recovery from my previous misery is the mending of a damaged heart (metaphorically speaking). Being grumpy is a state of mind. It’s not a mental well-being issue – for me – it’s how I chose to feel. Can I chose not to be grumpy? Of course I can. Do I sometimes chose to be grumpy? Yep, I’d say I do. Why? It’s a self preservation thing sometimes. It gives me space.

Next time you feel less than happy, think whether your feeling miserable or grumpy. If the former, it might be a longer term piece of work to step up from. If the latter, you might just be able snap out of it immediately. But, equally, it might just help gets you some space.

Think about it.

So to close, if you’re feeling grumpy and you feel like the world is against. Look up a nice little tune from Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes- Crowbar. An anthem to set you free, to be yourself and not to let those who maybe want you to mould into a crazy society win.

Here’s a few words from Frank: –

“We all come from an explosion in the sky

One day there was nothing and the next there was life

And all the rivers and the mountains and the sun and the moon

And then all of a sudden there’s a cloud of doom.

It’s a trap. And there’s no comfort fitting in

A fake safety that no one believes in

And if it goes against who you think you are

It’s the death of happiness

Go and get the crowbar” – Frank Carter and The Rattlesnakes

Take care and always be yourself.


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