Are you listening?

“Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.” –Stephen R. Covey

“Listening is often the only thing needed to help someone.” – unknown

So, here we are as the masses who recognise Christmas trampled through Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Wobbly Wednesday, and Skint Saturday. Every year it’s mayhem. How do we use our learning? We invent more chaos. It’s the only annual celebration – which, let’s face it, is actually to celebrate the birth of Christ (for those whose faith recognises this) – that brings such global madness. Am I being ‘bah humbug‘? I’ll let you decide.

Welcome to another observation from the floor. Floor I hear you say? Well, if you start there you should only then be on an upward trajectory.

And an upward trajectory is what we should all aim for. Onwards and upwards as the expression goes.

So, the nights are cold and wet and, those of us who have the good fortune get the chance to make haste to our warm and friendly homes every night. But, do we see those who can’t do that, as they are huddled under whatever shelter they can find?

In my humble opinion, homelessness seems to be getting worse. I was interested in a situation recently in my wonderful home town of Leeds. The temperature dropped below a certain level and an alert was issued that all of those living on the streets who wanted shelter that night, it would be provided. Brilliant!!!! A great initiative……………….. but, if shelter can be found for that night, why can’t the same shelter be provided more long term. Now, I don’t understand the background here but I just throw it out there as something I noticed.

Christmas. Now there’s a subject. Smile, it’s nearly Christmas i keep hearing. Yep, I get that but the next day it’s not Christmas. How about smiling then as well. How about, and here’s something controversial, smile it’s LIFE!!!! YEY. Just a thought.

Mr Grumpy? I guess so. Maybe it’s age, maybe when I played Scrooge in the school play 40 odd years ago, I decided to live in the spirit of Scrooge. Actually, don’t get me talking about spirit. I’ve got more bottles of gin than I’ve every had. All because I developed a taste for rhubarb and ginger gin.

Spirituality? There’s a subject. Lots written about it. Lots of what’s written is insightful and attention grabbing. It certainly provides focus for us seeking to deliver the greater good and helping our fellow man, woman, and child. It can bring a great sense of worth and vision on what we are hear to do. But, and it is a big but (not butt), some of the stuff on Facebook seems to be written in an inward facing style – I.e. look how good I am and will be rather than look at what good I can do. Or, is it just me. Maybe I’m Mr. Satan.

Brexit? Oh my, oh my. Even The Trump can’t achieve this level of stupidity. I’m embarrassed by the politicians who gather in the name of being MPs. Muppet Pillocks I assume that stands for. The lot of them. I make no bones of it, I wanted to remain in the EU. But people voted out and, after 2 1/2 years of talks we are closer to remaining in the EU than ever. WHAT? Thank god we haven’t wasted billions of pounds. We have? Oh, b0110cks! Or, maybe it’s just me. I’m probably just Mr. Entente Cordiale.

Well, I feel better now. Thank you for reading my rant aka listening to me. And, that’s the point, I am grateful to you for listening to me. Of course l that’s if you’re u got this far in the blog.

How many times do we hear someone going off on a rant, we roll our eyes and think of something far more important that we need to do. Or the phone ring, a name pops up and we decide not to answer because it’s going to be a barrage of ranting. Or we get a text or Facebook message and choose not to read it,and ensure that it doesn’t show the sender that you’ve seen it.

Have you done that? Have you? Have I? What do you think?

But then, think. Is it a rant or is it a cry for help. Someone is down on their knees and they need you to listen and let them feel wanted. Just think a 15 minute conversation, or message exchange could, just could, pull that person back from the brink.

Dramatic? Maybe. Maybe I’m just being Mr Drama Queen. But I worry that so many voices go unheard. So many cries for help get muted and the black dog trots onto the horizon.

We all need someone to listen. I’m lucky, I’ve got many. Sometimes I just forget. Sorry. I actually sometimes choose not to speak rather than letting out. There’s a juxtaposition. Here I am talking about listening and I’m now revealing I sometimes don’t talk. Maybe I’m just Mr. Silent. Maybe I should be just Mr Get A Grip and let those who want to be there for you, be there.

So, in essence, my plea – please listen to that person who needs to to hear and help. And please open to those who are ready, willing and able to listen.

And, so to close another wailing wall of words, written in the main on a crammed train journey out of London. Back to 2 ears, willing to listen to one mouth. Thank god for Ringo! JOKE!!!!!

Thanks for sharing some time with me. I always appreciate your company. Apologies for the numerous typos. As I said, I’m on a train and just writing as I return home. If you spot the mistakes, improvise what you think I meant. It’s probably funnier than the original intention.

Anyway, for now, take care and please, please keep listening.


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