The time of the season, not seasonal thyme


“Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods. Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.” – Robert H. Schuller

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.” – Steve Jobs

Have you seen the size of my clock? No? You’re more than welcome to. I’m rather proud of it. I look after it, and make sure it remains in working order for everyone to enjoy. If you’re ever near the #TeamDurky home please call in. My clock is on open display, it’s big and shiney, and is seen in the kitchen – hanging on the wall, on proud display. I like to know what time it is.

And so, another View From The Ground unfolds so shortly after a quick dip in the sea.

Another obsession of mine – time.

Although to be fair, thyme has been an obsession for a while. The number of times (or is that thymes) I have picked out a great recipe to create a magnificent meal. I then trot (well, wobble) to the local, friendly supermarket to look for the key ingredient- thyme. Fresh thyme that is, not the dry stuff. I have that as a fall back. And you can guarantee that I’ll need it. As I scan the shelves – yet again, no thyme like the present, They are thymed out! Yet again, fall back saves the day.

Time is fascinating. So many wish time away – particularly until 5.00 pm on Friday and then it’s STOP!! If only it were that easy. If only we all realised it is that easy.

I know I can be one of the worse for not respecting time. I have been heard, at 5:00 pm on Monday to exclaim ‘nearly the weekend!’.

But, time is fascinating. An hour is an hour. 60 minutes; 3,600 seconds etc. But, how do we use that hour? I guess the circumstances vary.

Just think, at work, so many look at that hour and want it to pass quickly, but, by watching the clock, it just drags. But, then, when we’re busy (and, it is great to be busy!), the hour goes in a blink and we want it back to have time to deal with the work we needed to complete.

But, then, laying in bed, we want that hour to go on forever but, then we snooze and, it’s gone in a flash – or a dream.

But then, the varied emotions that we experience can have an effect on how we see time. In those moments of incredible sadness, time seems forever. The opposite, of course, when we are incredibly happy, time flies.

So, I guess, my thinking is how to harness the mind into ensuring I get the most out of time. At the ripe old age of 56 I think a lot about slowing down time. Lots to do; lots to enjoy; maximise #TeamDurky time.

My mission – connected with striving for a better state of mindfulness, is looking for a place where the focus is on the good, not the bad; looking to live in the here and now.

Simple – live for the moment. Not looking back; not reaching forward, thinking what’s next (too many times at concerts, wondering what the band will play next rather that enjoying what they are playing at that moment). Enjoy that exact moment.

Now, there’s a challenge that I’m setting myself. There are so many times when I’m having a wonderful time but thinking about what’s happening next.

Just 2 examples: –

1) As said above, at the concert. I like to know what the set list looks like beforehand but, as a result, I’m always thinking ahead to the next song, or a favourite to be played a lot later. Why? Why not enjoy the moment! We are so looking to experience a lot of live music. That’s where we invest any spare leisure money. It’s what we all love, so I / we should enjoy each and every song. Embrace each word sung and note played.
2)  On holiday. Lying on the beach, relaxing, enjoying some sun …………………. thinking about lunch, or what we’re going to eat that night, or what we need to buy at the supermarket on the way back to the apartment. Or whatever. But, crazy. We get so little sunshine in the UK I should relishing that moment of pure relaxation. Just imagine, by enjoying each second of soaking up the sun, feeling the sand against my fingers, and listening to the roll of the sea, how much time in the here and now that will give me back.

As I said, this is just 2 examples. But we all know many more times when time is wasted or just not respected.

And, now, as we have started the most wonderful season of the year – spring. When new life opens right in front of our eyes. When the colours around us take on a vibrant appearance – if we look. When the sound of the birds singing wraps itself around us – if we listen. When the smells of the season enter us – if we breathe.

We just need to take time.

And, so to close, with a little request to that broadcasting institution we have in the U.K. – the BBC. I read on their depressive news website that, in a few months, North Korea could develop a nuclear weapon that could repack the UK. Thanks BBC for adding that snippet of ‘no news’ of your mind numbing news reporting. Thanks for worrying people just a little bit more than you worried them yesterday. The BBC have a role to keep us updated with real news. But, of late, they seem to have followed the recent tradition of most of the UK tabloid reporting – mind numbing nonsense. Thanks! Maybe it’s just a British Bullshit Crisis.

I think, I’ll just take time to enjoy time and to stop watching time and take time out. Now, must run, I need some thyme. Bye for now.



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