INTERVIEW: Victories at Sea

Believe In Sound is an awesome blog site, which deserves massive support.
This latest blog is a great Q and A with one of my current favourite bands – Victories At Sea. A real gem waiting for mass discovery. Wake up people!

It’s hard to see how this band won’t become huge. Victories at Sea have an incredibly eclectic and blended sound to their music, and it’s quite easy to see why bands such as Slow Readers Club and Boxer Rebellion have them along as support.

Following the announcement of their support slot with the aforementioned Boxer Rebellion, the band very kindly answered a few questions!

Believe In Sound (BIS): Following the release of your EP A Place To Stay last year, can we expect any new music this year?

Victories At Sea (VAS): We were really pleased to get that record out there and touring it has really given variety to our sets, but yes we are always writing and with no shortage of ideas at present we definitely plan to get back to recording at some point this year.

BIS: Do you plan on sticking to a similar sound on…

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