The sky’s the limit


“When you got a view so clear. Ain’t no fear of falling. The sky’s the limit. So dive on in it. Go, fly you’re colours. So high above us. You’re just beginning. So don’t look down, cause the sky’s the limit!” – Nik Kershaw

“Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.” – Albert Einstein

The view from the ground of the sky. Now there’s a thought. I don’t know about you but I love looking at the sky. It’s patterns, and how those patterns form fascinates me.

What, a blog about the sky? There’s a thought, but no.

Have you ever used that expression ‘that’s as good as it gets’ or ‘it can’t get better than that’? I have, regularly – as a positive expression about an event. But, for some reason, my mind has wandered about these expressions – like a dog ambling through leaves, looking for its ball only to return with a stick.

Yes – here’s another blast of my unconscious consciousness, or as I like to say, a dive into my ever explored mind. Although, sometimes, it’s like trying to mine in a puddle.

It’s an interesting world, wouldn’t you say? Ignorant leaders and politicians; money makers grabbing money from those without money; national and international media reporting nonsense whilst out beautiful planet implodes and poor souls escape with their worldly possessions from one wealth-less country into another wealth-less country.

There is more money (what is money?) in the world for poverty to be wiped out. But the rich get richer – saving for their rainy day – whilst the poor get drowned in their monsoon day.

Sorry for the rant. I guess even my happy, smiling, positive disposition gets repositioned occasionally. I feel for the masses who are scraping a living whilst the few dance through opulence and frivolity that we could only dream about.

But, fear not, happy Jon is back. A quick look around the place that #TeamDuke have established as home – a rare time when in the living room I have Audrey, Ben, Liv, Ringo and Zeekee. A greater wealth a man could not wish for. And, that the starting point. What is wealth? Money? Properties? Jewellery? Flashy and numerous cars?

I guess what I’ve listed is all about materialism and, to some, that is important. Fair play, if that’s your thing, who am I to judge?

But, my wealth is right in front in me – or, as I write this, nestled right into my shoulder. It’s easy to forget, when things are hectic or one of your ‘life glasses’ (I’ll explain that one in a minute) is emptying, what you have in life. It becomes too easy to focus on what you don’t have. If I’m honest, for me, personally, it’s been one of those weeks. So, this blog is almost me telling me.

So, life glasses – what am I on about? Well, I’ve had this thinking for a long time now that in life we have a collection of glasses. Each glass represents a part of our life – family, friends, finance, employment, health, emotional wellbeing and so on. The aim is, of course, to have each glass as full as possible. If we ever get to the point where a glass overflows we look to use that surplus to improve someone else’s life. In other words, where we have surplus finance, perhaps we use it to help others.

But, then there are those times when one or more of the life glasses is rather low. And, it can then be easy to focus on that life glass being empty rather than recognising how full all of your other life glasses are.

Am I making sense? I hope so. I guess that’s been me this week. One of those glasses was definitely running low and, rather than celebrating how lucky I am with every other glass, I got caught up with being miserable and angry about the deficit in one glass.

You see, even I get it wrong. But the key is to learn, understand, refill and move on.

Anyway, the sky’s the limit, and ‘that’s as good as it gets’, what is that all about? I guess it’s my take on how we maybe programme our minds into a state of limitation.

Bear with me, but it’s just my mind exploring the English language and how we use it. Think of another interaction we have – ‘Hi, how are you?’. ‘Not bad’. Effectively we are using a double negative to say we are good. So, why not say ‘good’ or ‘great’ or even better ‘awesome’. Just a thought, but, for me, it’s been a big shift since I stopped saying ‘not bad’. Go on, try it.

So, taking not bad / good as a good shift, what about ‘that’s as good as it gets’. I have to confess to saying- ‘that’s the best’ – but I usually add ‘so far’. Here’s an example – Ben and I went to see the mighty, mighty Leeds Rhinos win the Super League Grand Final and we both said ‘ that’s the best one so far’. There’s no doubt it was, but we said the same when we won 2 years ago. It’s a magnificent feeling. The tension in the week before the game is tough to take – and that’s just as a supporter. But, the feeling of euphoria and relief when we won is indescribable. Magic!

Back to ‘that’s as good as it gets’. Is it, or is it just a case of it’s as good as it gets in your experience up to that point in your life. So, with a small shift in your words to ‘that’s as good as I’ve enjoyed so far’, or even ‘that’s so good I want more of it’ (no rude comments please, I’m not being smutty. However …………….).

What we should be doing is aiming as high as possible. One of my favourite lines from a film remains ‘to infinity and beyond’ from Toy Story. So simple, but what a life statement. So, maybe the blog should be called ‘To infinity and beyond’. But as a starting point if the sky is where we aim, to the highest point of our vision, just imagine what we can achieve. Doesn’t that sound better than ‘it’s as good as it gets’? Let’s reach for the highest point and not limit ourselves to just getting to as good as it gets. Yes, let’s get to ‘good’ but then let’s go for ‘excellent’ and then beyond.

Limitations are a mindset. A mindset is what we implant. We implant what we choose. Let’s choose the sky’s the limit. So, as Nik says, let’s dive on in it.

Live your life to the full. Love your chances to the maximum. Laugh at everything you can find.



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