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“Being a father has been, without a doubt, my greatest source of achievement, pride and inspiration. Fatherhood has taught me about unconditional love, reinforced the importance of giving back and taught me how to be a better person.” – Naveen Jain

So, here we are. In the northern hemisphere we are moving towards summer and that always brings hope of a little sunshine and a lot of good times.

For us in #TeamDuke, this summer brings with it a slightly different twist, as we will see the first year pass since Ben and Liv’s mum decided to quit the role she had done so magnificently for many years and felt she had a bigger task – to save the world. Interestingly, since this quest started we have seen Donald Trump elected as the president of the United States, terrorist attacks have continued at an alarming rate around the world, famine is on the rise, thousands are leaving their war torn homelands, and I could continue. However, we in #TeamDuke can sleep easy, as the lands in the microcosm of Portugal where the departed one now resides are well cared for.

But, the tone of this blog is not a negative one, as we have worked hard on not looking back. The tone is very much positive and we celebrate where we are now and we continue to share our lives in the hope it provides some hope, inspiration, fun and, if nothing else, a bit of entertainment.

Welcome, then, to another observation from here at ground level – my view from the ground.

My aim is to reflect honestly and from the heart. Yes, perhaps at times, I digress a tad to look at the reasons for my taking up temporary residence in a dark place. But, as the Rag N Bone Man so accurately put it, “I’m only human”. I’m certainly nothing special. With a twinkle toed side step like Joel Moon (only rugby league – best sport in the world – fans will understand that one), as Chris Martin warbled “I’ve been reading books of old. The legends and the myths. Achilles and his gold. Hercules and his gifts. Spiderman’s control. And Batman with his fists. And clearly I don’t see myself upon that list.”.

As 2017 has rolled on, I have sought to share how #TeamDuke has moved from a state of adversity to a place of happiness. How we have brought our house back to being the home base to which we return for our collective fun and family love. How we look at and are grateful for everything last thing we have, and not be angry at what we don’t. And, so on. The blogs have reached out to people in various ways. Some, perhaps, more relevant to the reader than others. But, as I’ve said before, if one blog helps one people, giving that one person inspiration and hope, then I am a very, very happy soul. Apart from anything else, if that one person then takes that message to help someone else, the multiply effect kicks in.

I remember, in my days of – let’s say – taking this spirituality lark a bit too seriously, being challenged as to what my life purpose was. Basically, why was I on this planet. Well, apart from to eat Indian food, drink red wine, say inappropriate things, and to be the butt of others’ humour I was a bit stuck for an answer.

That is a joke of course. My purpose always has been and always will be to be here for my family and friends. But, I was always challenged that there must be more. Surely, the love that I have for my family and friends could be better used through a greater, a higher, calling. Looking back, it felt like the suggestion that I dare place family and friends above anything else was wrong.

But, no, wait a minute there! How can having your life purpose as being there for your family and friends not be enough? To be there to provide stability, love, comfort, support, to be a rock, and, in essence, to actually BE THERE!

Surely, by providing all of this, by having the sole purpose to be that rock is actually the ground from which life can then grow. It gives that knowledge to those who grow from that base that they can always return to that person when love, support and so on is needed to aid their continued growth. Am I making sense?

I love being a dad! I love being here for Ben and Liv. Simple as that. I love the fact that they know that I am here – always. I may need to travel for work but I return to our home. I love being grateful to have such an awesome, loving son and daughter. I love that we are friends as much as anything else. I love what we all share together. I love that we can inspire others through our love for each other, and that may, just may, help others with their life journey. Is that wrong?

From well watered soil life can grow. That soil needs to have continued watering and tendering to ensure that good life can grow. It needs a constant source of water. I’d say daddy’s source. I’m grateful for being given the opportunity of being that source for #TeamDuke.

Without going too much over the top, but I truly believe that we are bloody awesome. Just saying. And, I am proud that my life purpose is being fulfilled, right here right now. I’m available 24 / 7, where ever I am. That’s the commitment I have made, and I will stick to it. I love my son and daughter with my whole heart. That love does then expand beyond our home, because I know what has been created here is stunning. I am grateful for the family and friends I have in my life, and I am grateful that #TeamDuke has welcomed Audrey as a new team member. We may have to change to #TeamDuke+ARatherSmallPerson. Something to think about.

Okay, time to wind my neck in. Thanks for reading my latest blast of energy. I hope life is good and you can be there for those who need you. Your presence can never be more important than it is today.

Peace and love. Stay safe. Just be careful out there. As I finish this blog, my heart goes to those affected by the latest terrorist attack, this time in London. My heart also goes to those recently affected by terrorist attacks in Manchester and the atrocities in Kabul.


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