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“It’s my life. It’s now or never. I ain’t gonna live forever.I just want to live while I’m alive.” – the wise words of Jon Bon Jovi.

Now, those with any form of musical bent would have derived from the title of the blog I would have quoted from Mark Hollis’s classic song (there’s No Doubt those across the pond will know the song by another band). I also thought that, but then the anthemic (is that a word?) tones of Mr BJ (ooo er missus) rang out in my head.

Hello again. It’s been a while. Strangely, the words ‘if you have nothing to say, say nothing’ are whirling round my head. Ironic really (and I do love my irony. I hate ironing, but love irony) – when you consider the theme of the blog. But, I try to write meaningfully rather than just presenting a wall of words. That probably why the 2 – yes, 2 – books I’m storyboarding are taking time. I need to feel inspired whereas at the moment it is more a feeling of being perspired.

Anyway, watch this space – book 1 is based on the blogs and the on-going learning that #TeamDuke use to inspire our development. I just need to shape them into being current, meaningful and interesting enough to inspire people to want to read it.

The 2nd book, well, this is going to be an interesting project. I’ve always loved the author, Tom Sharpe. I love the dry, sometimes dark, humour that he uses. My challenge – I’m not a skilled or trained writer (yes, I know, I’m stating the obvious). So, the plan is to through some ideas down and then have a co – writer to help make sense of those words. As they say, watch this space. The process will be fun and very cathartic.

So, life for #TeamDuke continues to blossom. In the week we have introduced a dog into our world – or has he introduced us to his? Liv discovered a dog rescue centre and, to cut a long story short, we met and fell in love with Ringo – a 7 1/2 year old border collie. As daft as a brush (have you ever seen a daft brush? No, me neither, so what does ‘as daft as a brush’ mean?. I should talk to someone). So, that means there’s me, Ben, Liv, The Zeek, and now Ringo.

And that’s not all. After the horrors of last year, I am blessed to have someone in my life now. I’ll say no more for now other than I feel very lucky 😀.

Talk talk? Is it a band, is (was) it a mobile phone brand? No, it’s a way of life and survival.

Isn’t it strange how so many of us – particularly men – bottle up our troubles and woes because we fear that people will see it as a weakness if we say ‘I’m not feeling too great about life’? Isn’t it strange that there are people who, when you say ‘I’m not feeling too great’, tell you to get over it, it’s all in your mind, you’re been dramatic? Isn’t it strange that right now there is someone self harming because they feel that they don’t have a voice? Isn’t it strange that there is a high focus on mental health at the moment but, right now, governments dropping bombs that cost millions when that money could be better used in actually supporting mental health?

Strange, but true. Sorry, I got a bit heavy there but as I look at the news today, I truly wonder what the hell is going on. But, let’s move on.

I’d also regarded myself as a private person, a close book. But, last year’s events taught me the importance of talking. But, more importantly, it taught me the importance of getting others to taught and in turn, the importance of listening. Just listening. Not saying ‘I know, let me tell you about when that happened to me’, or even worse, say ‘don’t be so daft. You’re just being dramatic’.

To have someone to listen, or to be that person to listen is pure magic. When you know that you have someone who will, and wants to, listen, it’s almost like being given a key to open you up. Magic.

I’ve certainly found the importance of listening. When Ben asks if I want to go out for a walk, I know he has something he wants to talk about. And I am so grateful that he does want to talk. If Liv comes into see me at 3:00 am, I know she needs to talk. And I am truly grateful to be able to give her the ability to talk.

And I know Ben, Liv, and many others give me the chance to talk, and they listen without judgment. Magic.

It is magic and I guess the purpose of this blog is to put it out there – the importance of being able to talk, talk. The importance of not bottling it up because if that bottle pops, then it could be messy (not the footballer).

So, are you a closed book? Are you bottling it up because you don’t think someone will listen? Do you know someone who you think is bottling up their troubles? Do we know someone who locks themselves away, is sullen and withdrawn? Maybe, just maybe if you would listen listen, they might just talk talk.

And there’s the magic of #TeamDuke. We talk, we listen, we move forward and we grow. We grow in strength and in number. It’s my life, it’s our life, it’s life. Live; laugh; love.

Take care – in the words of Talk Talk, life’s what you make it. Let’s make it magnificent.


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