55 reasons to be grateful. #TeamDuke


View From The Ground- ❤ 2 …………………… be grateful

Now, I usually open the blogs with a quote but before I do, I wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks that you have opened the link to another View From The Ground blog. I am always grateful that people take the time to read, and share, these blogs. I am not a qualified, trained, experienced writer. I set out to write from the heart, but in my own, authentic, voice.

My aim is to share my thoughts and experiences in the hope that they actually offer hope to others – particularly at times of darkness and challenge. But also, I want to share a bit of fun along the way. I am aware that, perhaps, the blogs at times in the latter stages of 2016 were a tad ‘pointed’, but, as I have said in previous blogs this year, the focus is on making 2017 the best year yet – for #TeamDuke and for as many others as we can possibly reach.

Now, I know my blog earlier in the week – Anger Is An Energy – was, how do i put this, angry but that was just a reflection of my frustration about homelessness. If you haven’t seen it, or did see it and thought ‘Anger? I don’t like the sound of that. Where has all the happy clapper stuff gone?’, I would ask that you have a read. As I said, it’s a call to arms to try and eliminate homelessness.

Anyway, moving back to my rambling, rather than ranting.

After reflecting on my mission to make this the best year yet for #TeamDuke, it all got me thinking about the theme for this blog and what quote to use. The theme of the blog is usually the thinking for the quote. Although actually – other than the continued growth of #TeamDuke – does there always need to be a theme? Let’s see how this blog develops.

I’m not a Paris Hilton fan and, word has it, she’s not keen on me. When I say she’s not keen on me, she doesn’t know who I am and therefore I’m probably doing her a great dis – service. If she met me, she’d love me. Of course!! Anyway, I liked these words from her – “The way I see it, you should live everyday like its your birthday”.

Okay, so with those words in my mind and, as I have just passed another milestone (as in age, not toiletry movement). Reaching an age where, as a Liv tells me, I am now closer to 60 than 50 has been a bit of a moment. It is my first birthday in the era of #TeamDuke, as in it being me, Ben and Liv (not forgetting The Zeek).

There is no doubt, we should all live each day like it’s your birthday as we wake up to the greatest gift of all – life.

But, then I have reflected on another great gift I have been granted in this new chapter in my life – happiness. And, happiness is certainly something I will always be grateful to all of those who have enabled me find again true happiness and what a gift it is.

I love a quote I found – “I shall take the heart. For brains do not make one happy, and happiness is the best thing in the world.” ― L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

I will remain eternally grateful to Ben and Liv for all they have done and all that they are doing for me. I am also grateful to my wonderful family and friends for the support that they continue to provide and the happiness that brings.

As we move towards Spring, that sense of happiness accentuates as new life starts to grow around us. The sight and smell of new life. The lighter days and nights to enjoy walks with friends or loved ones, or friends who have become loved ones.

For those of us who are lucky enough to walk, it is a gift that takes no money to enjoy.

I must admit, I am always grateful to Ben when I get home from work and he suggests grabbing a walk, and talk. It’s a beautiful thing to be blessed with a son who wants to have a regular walk with his old man.

And then I reflect on my day of celebrating moving closer to being 60 years old. The awesome time with #TeamDuke; the phone calls from family, the multitude of Facebook messages, and the visits from friends on or around the big day.

There was a time when I really struggled to celebrate my own big day. But with the advent of rediscovering happiness, I celebrate whatever and when ever I can. One day, I may even remember smile a bit more. I am smiling inside. I just struggle to smile outwardly. Maybe I’m a bit worried that someone might rip it away …… again. I don’t know why I worry as I know I am lucky enough to know now that I am surrounded by true, unconditional, love.

Is that 55 reasons to be grateful? I don’t know because maybe the blog title should just be ‘every reason to be grateful’.

I truly believe that there is always a reason to be grateful. Sometimes, when it feels like life has dealt us a few blows, I understand it can be hard to see reasons to be grateful. It’s at those moments I look at The Zeek.

Every morning, she comes downstairs with me and sits on the kitchen looking at me until I stroke her at which point she purrs and rolls on the floor (if only human life was that easy). After the stroke fest has been completed she sits again until I’ve got her food and drink sorted. After that, she may walk upstarts and leave me a little gift in her sh!t box to deal with. After that, she will lay next to the radiator for warmth. After that she will have a sleep.

My point? The Zeek is grateful for all of the above, and she is happy. She dos not worry about the weather. She does not worry about what might happen in 2 hours. She does not worry about what story is being peddled by a world leader about what has or hasn’t happened in Sweden. She doesn’t worry about Brexit, even though I’ve talked to her about it in detail. She doesn’t worry about our plans to get a dog. Mainly because she speak Cat, not English.

So, I try and follow The Zeek’s lead. And with that, when I get to work and I’m asked how I am maybe I should respond ‘meow purr meow meow purr’.

And, so to close, I guess you could say the journey to feel and enjoy true happiness continues. So far, it feels good, but then I know that it should.

Take care, and I hope your life is filled with love and reasons to be grateful and to be happy.


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