Reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3 (#TeamDuke and the #family and #friends)


View From The Ground – ❤ 2 ……………… be cheerful

“We tend to focus on our problems in life and to take for granted our blessings and achievements. It is natural that we think about the difficulties we face and the challenges we have to overcome but there is a real danger that when we do this we can become become weighed down with worry or negative feelings. It is good to step back for a moment from our day to day cares and to list all the things that are going well in our life. It will give us a positive lift and help to put our problems into perspective.” – Paul Sloane

Hello and welcome to another view from the ground. Here we are, at the start of the second month of 2017 and another step in what has been set as an awesome year.

I truly hope that it is an awesome year from all, in and amongst the continued lunacy that is spread before us on the news. I don’t need to go into detail and, of course, we all have different views as to what us going on around us. I still wish someone would launch a new channel that featured good news only. Imagine that! Of course, the owners of our news media would not allow that. They need us to live in fear. Whoops, sorry – dangerous opinion alert 😀.

Anyway, my intention is to focus on positivity and to help anyone and everyone who want to join #TeamDuke on our adventures in 2017.

The blogs so far this year have been a step away from last year’s blogs. But the intentions are the same – to provide help and support to others; to provide hope; and to hopefully have some fun.

There’s a book in the making. The original draft from last year needs a complete rewrite, to reflect the change in direction that my life has taken. The new book is taking shape and there’ll be more news on that.

I hope the blogs are providing, at the very least, some entertainment and beyond that an injection of positivity. And, that where the idea for reasons to be cheerful came from. Again, reflecting on the ‘have’ not the ‘have not’. A quick listen to the brilliant song by Ian Dury, which includes “Something nice to study, phoning up a buddy. Being in my nuddy. Saying hokey-dokey, Sing along with Smokey”, provided the encouragement to reflect the many reasons to be cheerful, and here’s not 1, not 2, but 3.

Reasons to be cheerful, part 1

I know I have talked a lot about #TeamDuke. But I am fiercely proud of our bond, our love, our unity, and our friendship. I hope to inspire others that, in the face of our collective adversity that we have become so strong and are now purely focussed on continuing to move forwards.

A big commitment Ben, Liv and I have made is to be always there for each other and to be ready to talk at any time. So, there’s nothing like a good chat at 4:00 am. #TeamDuke is a 24/7 thing. To share the highs, the lows, and the fuzzy bits in the middle. But a great learning I have experienced is based on one of the oldest sayings – life is short, so don’t waste a minute of it.

I know sleep is important for our mental well being and I know it is one if the first things I recommend that people should be wary of. But, I wouldn’t want to miss the chance of a chilled chat with Ben or Liv at whatever time. So, when a rather ‘relaxed’ Ben appears at the bedroom door at 4:00 am checking on how I am, it’s not an opportunity I am going to miss. And a good chat it was. I love the connection the 3 of us have. Before coming in to talk to me, Ben and Liv had been chewing the cud in the living room (lounge; front room; or what ever you call it). Again, awesome!

I know what we have is not exclusive. I really don’t want it to be. I want this kind of connection to be enjoyed by everyone. What a wonderful world that would be, and what a great news story it would me. If it was allowed to make the news.

Reasons to be cheerful, part 2

As I have said before, family and friends are critical to the rise of #TeamDuke. My love and appreciation of their / your support will never be forgotten or taken for granted.

I know I have talked about it in previous blogs, particularly in ‘The importance of being honest’, but I can’t over emphasise the importance of talking to people, especially when we are feeling down or vulnerable. I have to be honest in that I have spent most of my life being a closed book, and had almost been proud of the fact. It was no ones fault but my own. I was regularly being asked if I was okay, and I would always answer the same way – ‘yeah, I’m okay’, or ‘not bad’ (an expression I NEVER use now). How many people do the same?

How many times are we actually saying ‘I’m pretty rubbish but what’s the point of talking about it. Things won’t change.’ We close the book and leave our feelings to deteriorate in doing so. It’s easier to do that, because we fear that by talking about what is making us feel down, it will make us feel worse. Or, that it wouldn’t help anyway. Again, I will put my hand up (as it were) and admit that person used to me. Poor me.

But, what about, when someone cares enough to keep asking, and then ask again. And, after asking again, and again, you realise that person really wants to hear what you have to say. They want you to open the book. How easier is it not to realise that person could be the one, along with your family and friends, who could be the one to bring the additional dimension to your moving further forward?

I would strongly urge each and every person I come into contact with to be ready and willing to open their book, because once it opens and those words come tumbling out, the world can feel like a whole better place.

Reasons to be cheerful, part 3

Well, I am blessed to have many, many reasons to be cheerful and I am lucky enough to have been able to write about them. For now, my 3rd reason to be cheerful will have to wait for another blog in the Spring. For now, I am glad that my book has been opened and I don’t intend to close it.

And, at that, I will close. I hope you have many reasons to be cheerful. Have a listen to The late, great Ian Dury. He’ll give you some reasons to be cheerful.

Take care.

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