Back to love. Back to reality.


“Wake up and live” ― Bob Marley

“Happiness isn’t about getting what you want all the time. It’s about loving what you have and being grateful for it.”

Love! A strange phenomenon. How many times a day do we say, see, hear the word ‘love’? It’s a wonderful word that makes us smile inside and outside as we are wired to feel it as a positive, uplifting word and therefore a positive emotional response is felt.

Just thinking about the word makes me feel hopeful. I know it’s a word I use a lot, and one of the things I love doing is writing. I love the opportunity it gives to express my thoughts and I hope I can use it in future to help others- as that is my dream.

So, welcome to my view from the ground. Thank you for joining me. A view from the ground is still in its early stages but my true dream is to use View From The Ground as a portal for providing support and guidance to as many as possible. It will also be a place where others can reach to people to provide help through their own experiences.

There are many, many people. – too many – who are feeling challenged by life. But, I truly believe that we all have the opportunity to help each other and to make peoples lives such much better.

And the key to View From The Ground is to do what I do from a place of love. I know, in previous blogs, I have questioned ‘unconditional’ love. The definition is “affection with no limits or conditions; complete love”.

Okay, as a theory I get it. But my experience of unconditional love has been based on it being given on the basis that I agree with that person’s beliefs. That, to me, is conditional.

The mission of View From The Ground is to provide support and guidance through my experiences and observations. To talk about how I have learned about the true meaning of love, Andrew I’m learning to fly without wings – having spent too long trying to work out whether I am round the bend or am learning to turn a corner.

Love – “a strong feeling of affection” or “a great interest and pleasure in something”.

Quite simple really. But, what happens when you lose that affection and that interest in something? Or, when you believe someone has taken away your feelings of love?

Is it possible for someone to take away our ability to love? From a personal perspective, when someone significant left my life, deciding to find their happiness elsewhere, I have spent a good period of time analysing ‘love’.

At this point, it’s important to emphasis that I have been blessed to receive love from my incredible family and friends. They are truly awesome people who I will always be indebted to in a way I can not express. When I eventually get my book finished it will be dedicated to each and every one of them.

But, my thoughts on love have been at the fore for very personal reasons. However, I can say what has happened is the hurt I experienced made me question my love of life in general and my love of myself. Not in a suicidal sort of way but just in a staring at the ground (a different sort of view from the ground), not looking at people, not seeing things sort of way. No, I’m not playing out poor me. But, I’m sure many people can understand what I mean.

I hope the above makes sense. Where you lose sight of the beauty that surrounds you. You lose sight because you’re not looking. You lose sight because you do become self absorbed in the situation for find yourself in. Whilst you soak in and appreciate the love that is being given by wonderful people, you lose sight because you stop loving yourself.

And that feeling of the loss of self love can become a downward spiral. I read a wonderful book last year by Dr David Hamilton about self love and it is a really good read. It’s back on my list of things to reference in the new year. In fact, why delay – I have the book here with me, and I will revisit the steps previously trodden.

There’s a great quote in the book from Elizabeth Gilbert; “Never forget that once upon a time, in an unguarded moment, you recognised yourself as a friend “.

And that quote sums up the journey that I and, I believe, many others need to tread. To get back to love, back to reality. That is, get back to seeing ourselves as a friend …………. to ourselves.

It is too easy to stop loving ourselves when someone hurts us; when they decide that they wish to spend their live without you. However, by not loving yourself, in reality, the only person you are hurting is yourself. So, it is important to grab that mirror and look yourself in the eyes and tell yourself you are a good person, you can move forward and you are lucky to be surrounded by wonderful person.

With that objective achieved it is important to lift our heads up and see the beauty of the world and recognise that the world is still as it was before the hurt occurred. It is still a blessing.

My point, I guess, is I am going through a journey (sorry, I hate the expression but can’t think of another), as are so many, but I am learning to get back to love – loving me, loving life, loving nature, loving the day, loving the future. I never stopped loving my family and friends. So, on that basis, I will become a friend of me as well and that way living myself should be easy.

As was going to apologise for rambling, but that’s me. I ramble a bit. But I love that about me. I also love that, as of yesterday, the days are getting longer (here in the northern hemisphere).

Right, I will close before I start loving typing too much.

I wish you good health, happiness, health and lots of self love.

Take care.


2 thoughts on “Back to love. Back to reality.

  1. Love your ramakings my friend. It feels like the domino play when you hit the first one and they tumble one after the other. I know your journey inside and out by personal experience and yes it all starts within. A view fom the ground up love

    Liked by 1 person

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