Meditation mayhem



“Meditation is all about the pursuit of nothingness. It’s like the ultimate rest. It’s better than the best sleep you’ve ever had. It’s a quieting of the mind. It sharpens everything, especially your appreciation of your surroundings. It keeps life fresh.” – Hugh Jackman

Well, come to my view from the ground. See that play on words? Don’t you just love the English language! Anyway, welcome to, well, come on in to my little place on this wonderful planet.

It’s been a few months now since the stand alone View From The Ground blog site was launched. I would like to thank everyone for joining me on my path through the chaos better known as life. I would be truly delighted if you could recommend the site to people who you know that might enjoy reading my rambling but heart felt words.

Anyway, onwards and word wards. Strange expression ‘words wards’. I don’t know if it is an expression but, given there should be no rules when creating words, I chose to designate it as an expression from this day on. In fact, I hereby crash a bottle of champagne against the expression ‘words wards’ and wish it well as it sets sail through this blog and onwards into the ocean of words.

Sorry, I’m rambling. So, meditation and mayhem – 2 words which you would not expect alongside each other. Let’s look at the definition of both before I expand on what is going through my mind as I form this blog.

Meditation is a nice easy definition – “the act of giving your attention to only one thing, either as a religious activity or as a way of becoming calm and relaxed”.

Mayhem becomes more interesting – “a situation in which there is little or no order or control”. To be fair, there were many definitions but this one feels quite ‘calm’ when compared to some.

Okay – the big question is, how am I going to link ‘calm and relaxed ‘ with ‘no order or control’? It’s a good question and, by the end of the blog, I hope I find the answer.

Meditation is still a great mystery to many and, as a result, there is a misconception that those who meditate are either hippies or weirdos. Wrong! I suspect may who read this blog so, to an extent, I am preaching to the converted.

However, I am looking to this blog as a request to all to spread the word. I remain worried / concerned at the state of the world. As a resident of the U.K. I am seriously worried. The number of people suffering from stress and depression continues to rise. And this rise is not confined to one age group – it’s right across all ages and all parts of society. So I am worried.

However, meditation undoubtedly offers a route to look for inner peace and relaxation and if more people just gave it a go, imagine the possibilities.

Anyone who has read the View From The Ground blogs since the started over 2 years ago will know that I been interested in the power of meditation for some time. Before I gave it a go though I was one of those who thought it was a practice confined to hippy tree huggers, who sat on the ground, crossed legs, chanted ‘omm omm omm’ – or a sound similar to that.

For 2 years I have meditated – not prescriptively but in a way when I need to ‘rest’ my mind and just zone, meditate is the answer. And this is the challenge that those of us who understand the power of meditation must take up. To talk to others who may be struggling with life – be it at work or in their personal life, and just advise on how meditation may help them.

But, then, their us the challenge someone may ask – ‘how do I meditate’. This is where the mayhem can creep in because, as we know, there are so many different methods of achieving a meditative state. And if you listen to everyone, it can feel like there’s no order and you’re out of control.
I found that you can look too deeply into the different ways to meditate – guided, to music, in silence, as a group, and so on. But, I believe, once we have opened up someone’s mind to the idea of meditation it is then you them to decide what form of meditation works best for them.

Nobody could or should tell you what is the best method and we should think about how we landed at the way we meditate. My preference? Guided meditation works for me. It helps maintain that focus on achieving the right state as it were. But, that might not be for everyone.

What we should do, though, is avoid creating that meditation mayhem. Let us guide those who might be helped by it to the power of meditation. But once they want to go for it, let them find what works best for them.

Am I making sense? I thought not. I think I need to meditate – omm, omm, omm.

I hope you enjoyed my last ramblings. I’ll finish with a quote and a song. I sound like a 70’s entertainment show.

The quote – “Consider how hard it is to change oneself and you will understand why it is so hard to change others.” One to think about and may be the subject of a future blog.

And, the song. It’s just one that has meaning and I hope you’ll look up the video on You Tube.

“One day it’s here and then it’s gone
How are you still holding on?
How are you still holding on?
You’ve felt this way for far too long
Waiting for a change to come
You know you’re not the only one
And life passes you by
Don’t be wasting your time
On your own
You always try to see yourself
Through the eyes of someone else
Through the eyes of someone else
Too shy to say that you need help
You and everybody else
You and everybody else
Oh, life passes you by
Don’t waste your time
On your own
Yeah life passes you by
Don’t be wasting your time
All alone
As your heart gets bigger
And you try to figure out
What’s it all about
And your skin gets thicker
As you try to figure out
What’s it all about
Yeah life passes you by
Don’t waste your time
On your own
One day it’s here and then it’s gone
How are you still holding on?
How are you still holding on?”

One Day – Kodaline

I’ll leave that with you. Enjoy life and live and love the day, because you never know what is round the corner. And if you’re feeling the pressure, meditation is a solution but watch out for the mayhem.

Until the next time.


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