Red raw wrist rides again


Welcome to my view from the ground.

My observation on this occasion has arise from a drive with a friend. As I hollowed at an irritating driver in front of me – or was it behind me – she reminded me of one of my first blogs. Red raw wrists. It was a very polite reminder that I was not practicing what I preached – which was probably 2 years ago. Some of you may remember the blog when it was first published on These Wings Can a Fly blog site. A lot has happened since then – some magnificent, some life changing.

Anyway, I thought I’d share an updated version of the blog. Partly, to reflect a changed view from the ground, and partly as a wake up to me and any other rather vocal drivers. That said, a message to the white van man who drove across me in the car park as I left the office – IT WAS MY RIGHT OF WAY!

Anyway, on with the blog.

Here’s a straight forward question – when is a complaint an observation? I don’t know about you, but my old persona was one of having natural propensity to complain. I would say it was a keen eye for being able to observe the shortcomings of others and to verbalise my views in a manner which would help them to see the righteous path forward. Is that such a bad thing? I accept, sometimes, those who needed that supportive observational assistance could not always hear what I had said, as they were not in the car with me as I established eye contact and commenced delivery of my observations, but surely they understood my helpful use of sign language.

I am sure there will be many who recognise this scenario. The blessed curse of road rage. But my observation skills saw no boundaries in my quest to help others – zig zag / vertical walkers, supermarket trolley pushers, queue jumpers, people in general and, the worse of the worse, trolley bags.

At this point, I need to let off some steam. This is not for my benefit, I promise (well ……………). This is on behalf of all normal commuters who have to practice foot work that would had made Michael Jackson proud in order to dodge people ambling along with their trolley bags. Why, oh why, can these things not be banned. Or, their owners go on a trolley bag proficiency course. I spend a lot of time in London and that has to be the worse place in the world. People come at you pulling 2 of these damned things. Two! One day, when Liv is the Prime Minister in the UK I will ensure she bans them. Now, here’s an update – add to that list any major city anywhere. Trolley suitcases, with trolley brained owners.

Rant over – but my wrist is red raw. Why? Well, that’s the whole purpose of the blog. Please read on. This is where I will bring in an updated version of the original blog because road rage is back and, looking at other drivers, I am not alone.

I’ve been out and a lot this week driving around and being driven round the bend. Driver one – didn’t indicate to pull out. Pillock! Driver 2 – almost touches my bumper he gets that close. Pillock! Driver 3 – clearly doesn’t understand that a green light means GO? P……… You get the idea.

So time to revisit the reading and strategy discovered first time with the blog.

I discovered a new strategy to deal with reducing – dramatically – the number of times I complain – and, in this case, deal with road rage.

Following a mail-shot email from John C Parkin of The F**k It Therapy fame, I picked up on a book he recommended – How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body by Doctor David Hamilton. Gone are the days of always absorbing myself in the latest crime thriller when I go to bed, where the last thing on my mind is murder. Sometimes, I still do that but, it’s good to mix it up with reading about positive thinking and well being.
Anyway, this latest book has a small section on how to stop complaining. This stopped me in my tracks (and stopped me complaining about something irrelevant – again!). Doctor Hamilton made reference to Will Bowen, whose genius idea is to wear a purple bracelet and every time you complain, you switch it to the other wrist. The idea being over a period of 21 days you stop complaining (as much anyway).

I don’t have a purple bracelet but, upon reading this suggestion, I ran out to buy one (4 actually) from the local Fat Face (other quality retailers also sell similar items). Now, as an update, I’ve lost them but am going to wear a replacement.

So, I ask friends and colleagues who see me resplendent this is not part of a wider mid-life crisis. It is intended to make me think every time I complain.

Will I stopped complaining? Of course not. But, it will dramatically reduce my complaining / road rage and I am committed to working on this and to encourage others to do likewise. Life is too short to be looking at things negatively. As I said, I am focussing on this recently highlighted sudden return of the propensity to highlight the deficiencies of other drivers. But, as I said earlier, I also have issues to overcome in supermarkets, in queues and at train stations – to name just a few places.

Why have I reposted / reworked an old blog. Well, the friendly reminder from a friend was a wake up call. Practice what you preached. And that stretches out to everything I discuss in the blogs – be that about loving yourself and loving others, mindfulness, being positive, and helping to protect our planet.

Right, to close this latest view from the ground, I want to share one of the daily thoughts for the day that I receive from the marvellous Richard Denny: –

“Writing down transforms wishes into wants, can’ts into can’s, dreams into plans and plans into reality.”

Don’t allow your wrists to become red raw.


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