What’s my age?

View from the ground


“I’m happy to report that my inner child is still ageless.” – James Broughton

Well, I’m happy to report it’s raining outside …….. again. When I say happy, I’m happy that I can report it’s raining outside. That means: –

* I woke up;
* I’m inside being able to look outside;
* I have vision to see the rain;
* I don’t have to go outside in the rain;
* I have the technology to report it’s raining; and
* I am very grateful that at least one person is reading this.

I am grateful / thankful for all of the above.

Welcome to my latest view from the ground. I sometimes wonder if I should call the blogs ‘view from the comfy chair’, as I tend to write the blogs whilst sitting in the living room (lounge). Usually there is music playing. Today, I have the delights of Ben playing FIFA on his Play Station 4. Love his company. I’m grateful. Maybe I’ll set up a new group. Who knows.

Those who have visited recent blogs will have observed that my current path has taken me to focus on living in the present. The last blog, ‘a view from the ground look at mindfulness‘ very much dealt with how looking at enjoying the present can help our mind not to regret yesterday or worry about tomorrow.

I guess I am focussing on how to just enjoy life. I’ve talked to a lot of people recently who are struggling with how they feel at present. They are full of regret, worry, and an overall heaviness. It’s the latter that causes the worry because, in many cases, they don’t know why they feel heavy / overwhelmed by a sense of darkness.

There’s no doubt, from a personal perspective, my moods have been, at best, erratic (I had to make sure that hadn’t spell checked as erotic. This blog site isn’t a place for sharing those thoughts. Please visit ………….. only joking!). Worry about past mistakes, worry about tomorrow’s events, worry full stop. I need to take my own advice. Live in the present.

Now, living in the present is, there is no doubt, the best place to be. But, then, even then, have you looked in the mirror and though ‘where did all that time go’? We suddenly feel our AGE.

Well, a recent blog by the great Dr. David Hamilton gave me a well timed slap in the face. The blog, How To Slow Ageing – was an excellent read. I love his books – very inspirational and last year’s ‘I ❤️ Me’ put me on my road towards understanding self belief and self love.

I was interested in the blog that Dr. David said that we have two ages. The chronological age, which is the number of years we have lived, and. the physiological age, which is the age of the body, and that depends to a large extent on diet, exercise and attitude. By doing the right things, the physiological age can go backwards.

With regards to the chronological age, I looked up one of many definitions of age – “the amount of time during which a person or animal has lived. Or, the amount of time during which a thing has existed. Or, the time of life when a person does something or becomes legally able to do something.”

Okay, simply put, not a great deal that we can do about that.

So, back to the physiological age. Dr. David quotes  a study that, in part, concluded that attitude was more influential on the ageing process than blood pressure, cholesterol levels, smoking, body weight and even exercise levels in how long a person lived.

This really resonated (one of my favourite words). As he say, attitude really counts, no matter what number we attached to ourselves from a chronological perspective. If we have a negative preconceived idea of limitations of age, then will just live in accordance to that thought process. If, however, we program ourselves with a positive attitude, with the right mindset and, in the words of another author I love, John C Parkin, shout F**K IT, we give ourselves every chance of slowing the ageing process.

Another suggestion – as written about by Vivienne Duke, in These Wings Can Fly – is to release that inner child. I’ve use the expression in an earlier blog about it being TIME TO DANCE. But, as it observes in the book, children have no inhibitions. They view the world almost with awe. They don’t allow themselves to be aged by worry, worry, worry.

Too many people worry about ‘getting old’. One thing’s for sure, if you think about / worry about getting old, guess what? You’ll start to feel like you’re getting old. It’s not rocket science. It’s a mind over matter process. Think young, act young, feel young!

I love being daft, teasing people and generally being what some would regard as being immature.

The definition of immature – “having or showing an emotional or intellectual development appropriate to someone younger.” Well, if that’s as bad as it gets bring it on!

The definitions of all words are created by us, to suit us. So, I’m going to recreate the definition for immature “a person willing to let go of life’s preconceived views of how they should behave and who wants to have fun with as many people as they can. A person who wants to bring sunshine into someone’s life when they might be having a cloudy day. A person who wants to life in the present”.

To use a quote featured in These Wings Can Fly and used in part in a previous blog: –

“Dance like there’s nobody watching you
Love like you’ll never be hurt
Sing like there’s nobody listening
And live like it’s heaven on earth”
William W Purkey

So, if you see me walking down the street, don’t walk on by. Don’t ask my age. Let’s have a little sing and dance.

And this is where I will close. I might just put a bit of lively music on for a quick jig in the kitchen. Come and join me. Let’s dance!

Take care of yourself. Take care of your family and friends. Take care of those who need a hand to hold. Take care of our beautiful planet.

As usual. Apologies for any typos. I’m open to applications for proof reading. Payment by means of gratitude.

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