Round the bend or just a mind full week?

Another earlier blog. #Mindfulness on the mind

These Wings Can Fly

View from the ground


I must wake up positive. I must wake up positive. I must wake up positive. I must wake up must wake up …………………

6:00 am. There’s the alarm. There’s the button. Time to mediate. 6:22 am. There’s the alarm. Did I mediate? I think I fell asleep. Oh well. As good as. Not really. But too late to worry. Time to get up. Usual routine + the addition of The Zeek (the cat) following me, expectantly waiting breakfast. Stop! I’ve forgotten something. Oh yes, thank you. I woke up. The gift of life.

Welcome to another View From The Ground blog. What’s it about this time, after ‘Eye! Oh? Ask Her aka 54‘? Good question and thank you for asking.

It really follows a lunch time chat with Viv and Angelique a couple of Sunday’s ago (if you aren’t already, you really should read Angelique’s…

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